Guest blog by John.M

Science just like spiritual belief is the right of each one of us to explore and participate throughout life. They both offer a perspective of life, a way of comprehending and understanding the world around us. Just as spiritual religion was tainted and distorted to benefit the few and leave the masses in ignorance, science, too, has fallen into this paradigm.

Without this desire or thirst for knowledge, how do you think humanity would ever have become as successful as we have. To deny the right to have a direct connection with the source of knowledge, how can we have an equal and transparent consciousness and ultimately the evolution of humanity’s behaviour towards each other. The disparity between the layperson and the scientist in today’s modern world is the same as between lay believer and priest within Catholicism or many other religions. This has been a direct result of very few people pertaining to the right of privilege by academic and economic advantage or birth right. It also calls into question the disparity between education, public services, science and policy.


The evidence of natural curiosity and engagement with our world is found in children growing up with their inquisitive nature and desire to understand how the world works. Children are often the first to spot the beauty and absurdity’s that adults have become blinded from. Without this child like characteristic, our ancestors would not have achieved all they did, and we would not have a rich tapestry of historical culture and expression of knowledge through many mediums. Essentially, without our natural desire for knowledge, we fail to be human beings. The most brilliant and creative people in history are often a result of early life struggles.

In my personal experience, my ability to understand and perceive an idea, a concept or theory is only limited by how and what I have been taught and what am i prepared to learn. Self education or seeking a mentor to teach you is essential to change the paradigm of what education stands for, and to demonstrate the power of the human mind to adapt, learn and evolve. In the past decade, and especially within the past 2 years, my understanding of the complexities of the chemical, biological and physical dynamics of the universe has expanded. I may not be able to completely grasp the science behind it at first, but I understand the mechanisms behind them. We can learn the details and specifics through further study. For me, just like my spiritual journey of the past decade, I have been able to empower myself and see clearer than ever before.

Too many humans today believe that only some of us can be scientists, this actually ignores what science stands for. Science is about objectivity, searching for the truth amongst many lies (non-supporting theories). Science is objective, impartial and unbiased. To deny people the right to access knowledge is not only dangerous and ignorant, it actually supports the existing paradigm of invisible inequality that we still have in this World. Does birth right and education determine your role and responsibility in life and ultimately how you are perceived by society?. People are still given the impression that only those who have gone to university or taken part in academia may practice science.