Don’t you just love wearing a face nappy and following arrows around a shop? It seems that drama is what we thrive on and the inconsistent narrative is setting off far to few alarm bells in peoples heads. The introduction of muzzles to be worn in public places is not to stifle the virus from spreading but to stifle the mind into thinking wearing one has some benefit against a downgraded virus. In my opinion the mandating of masks is to uphold the threat and make it feel very real so that when you are out we all see a high number of people conforming to unwarranted measures, it does not matter anymore that the threat is not as lethal as we have been led to believe as too many have changed their behaviour and committed mass suicide over our humanity. If wearing pantyliner’s on our face has the ability to control the spread of a virus why was it not introduced far earlier? and why has it’s introduction been timed with a flattened curve where few deaths are now being reported in  the UK?  Seeing children wearing muzzles is the most depressing sight to ever witness in a supposed civilised society, parents need their heads examined for enforcing a fantasy that they pose a threat to other human beings or they themselves are at risk of succumbing to the dreaded cold or even death. Less than 10 children under the age of 14 have died that were linked to Coronavirus in this whole episodic drama and still we have the contagion of anxiety within parents that some terrible danger looms over the heads of children. Where did all the adults go? As children return to school they do so under another great lie and extreme exaggeration of this reality they are growing into, the psychological impact will be enormous and now they have to contend with authoritative figures in the education system putting them in bubbles, keeping distance, wearing muzzles and sanitising themselves sterile . Well done Humans, way to go! 

Those who do not see through this now may never see the world as it really is and when this drama is repeated a second and third time, people who remain ignorant under the illusion of knowledge will still call upon the government for answers.  As new draconian measures are implemented and the freedoms of humanity eroded further we will only have our memories to carry forth in this new and very real dystopian future threat. We are lost in this time and perhaps have been for many years prior to the year 2020 and now the masses have become the missing toddler crying for its mother in the hope it can be saved from this unfamiliar territory. We have a choice to either remain in this theatre for which this world always has been or get up and leave the fantasy of the stage behind, the static shock is too much for some to exit and these poor souls will forever be seated gazing at the stage show as the world crumbles all around them.

In the Borough where I live 206 people have been recorded as losing their lives to Coronavirus, according to the ONS:

Deaths are death registrations where COVID-19 was mentioned on the death certificate

Mentioning Covid and Covid being the primary cause of death are two very different things, yet here we are and going by the figure of 206 deaths in a local population of 183,100 results in a mortality rate of 0.11% for this borough. The next question should be, is this number high enough to warrant the restrictive measures that many are abiding and conforming to?

No is the simple answer.

What about the total figure of deaths recorded in similar ways for the UK, as of 27th August 41,477 people have died in alleged relation to Coronavirus. Now because the way in which these deaths were being reported and challenged by Academics, we saw recently almost 10% of this exaggerated figure disappear overnight. By the admission of this mis reporting and the correction that followed is another sign at how so much of this event is fabricated for the purpose of mind control and fear programming. 41,477 in a total population of 66,850,734 results in a country wide mortality rate of 0.06%. These figures do not represent a Country in crisis yet are now unimportant as the lies have been sold as truth for just long enough to change the face of our lives, literally. A frenzied fever was whipped up back in March and is desperately clinging onto controlling the narrative that is a fairy tale in perpetuation, i can only pity those that uphold the governments actions in creating so much peril that is brushed aside under the guise of our safety. Our safety is a long held motive for governance at initiating any societal changes, we should all consider taking a risk assessment in any dealing with the state to determine if they are safe. What are we all exactly being safe about and at what cost to all who reside on Earth? It was difficult to be a critic at the start of the year, yet now the stones have turned to boulders  catapulted from programmed fellow humans which is the saddest thing to witness in a world that adored its use of senses and gave them up for a lie in the most grotesque way possible. 

Grandparents social distancing from their grandchildren, people not inviting as many people into their homes for special occasions, the elderly more isolated than ever before, families have been divided, people that need treatment now scared to go to hospitals, parents enforcing face covering child abuse, queuing for everything, businesses still shut and many not to return, not being able to travel abroad and breathe some down time into your life, following arrows, traffic light systems, social distancing, hand sanitiser stations…..We must ask ourselves why, where is the threat?

The hypnosis performed on society has happened rapidly and is genius in it’s fashion, this disaster perpetrated by script followers is the culmination of a century old mind control technique. Perfected throughout the last half of the 20th Century in gaining the masses trust in authority, an authority that has come to dissolve our ability to think for ourselves and has always sought to enslave the minds of many and silence those in dissent of a corrupt system. Can you get up out of the conformists seat knowing the threat is not real? What if you had a choice to avert a calamity?

This event has never been a Pandemic under it’s true definition and even since the 19th March 2020 was declassified as such, link here:

It is our illusion of knowledge that has led us to this outcome and represents a very dangerous path for humanity to follow, thinking that we know what is happening in this reality by listening and reading to the mainstream repetition is a worse scenario than simply being ignorant. The delusion within society today has enabled most to passively accept that our nanny state is correct in it’s conclusions and imposing measures, guidelines and recommendations. Our ego’s and perceptions of this world keep us all in bondage, there is no crisis. The continued referral of the term Pandemic has no basis in truth and is a lie peddled upon those that have given up their right to think critically, many have acted forged on the merits of mis information. This reality is something other than we have been led to believe of each other, it is the admittance that everything we have been told is a lie which is too much for some to even entertain. This rugged path we have now committed to has been collectively agreed upon, primarily formed from propaganda and collusion run by state sponsored programs that have rewired our train of thought in favour of a despotic new realm of tyranny for the 21st Century, the question is will you be one of the growing number of human beings in this world today educated or not that is seeing with their eyes open and have the courage to wake up from this ensuing nightmare?

Be that human, we all need you!