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The real climate denial

the real climate denial

So many have been caught in the headlights of the climate change narrative and are
utterly convinced in the warming argument, that we are to blame and if we do nothing
then catastrophe will strike us down all based on a Co2 theory that does not stand up
to scrutiny. The establishment has fully embraced the Anthropogenic warming
argument and is satisfied in creating further taxation upon Carbon emissions,
restriction upon human movement and a collective rally amongst political ties to join
hand in hand with nations for more fighting of things that need not be fought.
The climate non consensus has been greasing its wheels of motion for decades that is
now culminating in a frictionless charade of mis-information, scandal and insistent
repetitive programming that answers to beliefs not science.
The back-pocket media upholds this now popularised $1.3Trillion industry in order to
gain control over the critical thought required to understand fully the implications of
a changing and unpredictable climate not caused by the human race, but by the Sun.
Selective science is a perfected psychological method that has seeded all our minds
for too long now, challenging our passive acceptance and questioning everything is
key. The joke will be on us if we do not recognise that the threat of human made
climate change is false, the inverse reality academics are observing is showing us
something different from the popular narrative, the Earth is cooling & has been for
thousands of years. The evidence that supports the length of time, mechanisms and
cycles in place to cool an entire world has not always been ignored by science, yet the
advent of increasingly funded bias from the 80’s has landed us in the situation of
being told the climate emergency is our fault which has nothing to do with science
and everything to do with political will.
Are we allowing our children to be trained into an agenda masquerading as the
definitive truth, one that should not be questioned?.
As Governments lay blame on the populace we in turn think aversion of climate
change is possible, pollution we can change, reverse the climate we cannot. As an
alleged intelligent species we have been fooled into thinking under the “illusion of
knowledge” , and that our power can extend to stopping the movements of this
universe which have been occurring for hundreds of millions of years.
The actions committed by the increasingly tyrannical systems around the world in
2020 due to the Coronavirus non-pandemic has sped up this natural process by which
we will discover the fragility of how we live, if we haven’t already. Further
restrictions on human movement will become “ climate lock-downs” for the benefit
of the planet, this clever trick manipulates our perspectives offering some obscure
vision of hope in progress by creating contractual agreements we seldom benefit
from. Boris has pledged £160million for green deals that on the surface seem like a
good idea and yet scratch just below and you will find a hidden cash-cow with
increasing constraint payments made to wind farms. These payments are made with
public money to reward wind power by switching off. In the last decade of wind
power, constraint payments in the UK have totalled £649million, for discarding over
8TWh of electricity. Is this really progress for a modern world?
I can only wonder where we are heading as a species and how the real cooling impact
unfolds ultimately affecting us all while we waste precious time preparing for more
warmth instead. The Sun’s Cycles have had tremendous influence upon humanity and
changing weather patterns, there is sustained and growing evidence that its cyclical
path is a telling sign of things to come. It will not be long before we all start to ask
the real questions that need answering in the coming decade, the ones that involve the
realisation we have all been led astray by an incredible program leaving us without
the necessary tools to overcome the changes that lay ahead, unseen for over two
centuries. Humans and Earth are not unfamiliar with extreme changes of climate, it
has all been witnessed before, as recently as the “Dalton minimum” (1780-1820) and “
Maunder minimum” (1610-1745), both well documented and yet are still ignored by those
who should be seeking truth on our behalf.
There is a staggering amount of historical records describing similar weather events
which we are rapidly witnessing in this modern time, at the same time under funded
science is helping us to understand better the connection of multiple variables upon
the climate that are vastly greater in significance than the human race, So much
historical evidence supports these claims made against institutional corruption. Food
inflation is rising and fast, the increases for food items are already taking an upward
trend and is merely the start of a crumbling global food network, food crops are
vulnerable to the changing elements as are wind farms, solar energy and the current
agricultural system employed worldwide which is failing rapidly. The last two years
alone are an alarming reminder at just how fragile our food systems have become.
We are now being increasingly distracted from understanding the earth’s past and
being critical of well popularised trends, the fault is not ours as we have all been
indoctrinated to believe otherwise and are taught to deny ourselves the right to
question authority. Whether we like it or not this world will see a coming cold period and with it a later renaissance that will evolve human consciousness, today we simply find ourselves
slap bang in the middle of a great shift not caused by human Carbon Dioxide
emissions but by the sun. To solve this we first need to understand the real threat and
stop wasting our energy and resources on politically motivated agendas that supports
the opposite of our known reality. If we do not learn from earth’s history, recognise its importance and expose well funded deceptions then we will all be left in the dark.

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