Guest blog by John. M

The climate of Earth has been in constant flux, ever since its beginnings, it has been in a constant ebb and flow with the Sun. This relationship has defined the rise and fall of all civilizations. And many of these have worshipped the sun as a god. I always have admired the sun, In wonder. I used to practice sun gazing, an old ancient practice, which the Egyptians used to connect with their gods. I had never really fully appreciated the power and importance of the sun until I started growing food. It can giveth and taketh away!

The power of the sun is vastly underplayed for the past century. ‘Make hay while the sun shines’ is about harvest time and the celebration of the connection of food and the sun. Our Sun, apart from producing heat and light for every life on Earth, it even influences the clouds and rain that then falls, the weather systems and jet streams, hail and snow and even such events as earthquakes and volcanoes. The benefits of our sun include warm and stable food growing conditions, vitamin d supplementation and that feel good feeling, we all get when we feel the sun on our skin. It provides plants with the ability to photosynthesise and recycle our carbon into oxygen and also capture some of that carbon into the soil, which enables the soil biome to stay rich and biodiverse.

However, the sun isn’t in a stable state, despite what you may know. It is in constant flux through the magnetic connection or coupling with our Earth and through its larger connection to the galactic sheet. The driver of the Earths behaviour and potentially human behaviour; the sun, and its relationship to the solar system, galactic sheet and its filament connection with other solar systems, is and has always played the central role in determining the fortunes and failings of societies and civilizations. Earth, with the Sun, is in a constant cyclical motion, cycles upon cycles, and cycles within cycles.

The History of the Sun is written in the scriptures of many ancient civilizations and religious movements. It is observable within nature and now, with the advancement in cosmology, we can explore and explain the mechanisms of our star in a rational and understandable way. The astronomers of this world have gazed upon the night sky since Galileo invented the telescope and looked up toward the stars over 400 years ago. This recorded history enables us to see correlations between sunspots, their cycles and the affect they have here on earth. Weather patterns, temperature, volcanic and seismic activity changes as sunspot numbers rise and fall. NASA and NOAA have been recording the movements of the Sun for many decades now. We are all sun worshippers at heart. To have knowledge of the sun and the power it yields over us and our beautiful Earth, not only enriches our souls but gives us an appreciation for how much we rely on it. It also enables us to understand that, as humans, we have no control over our global climate or any real influence over climatic conditions. It is and can only be, Our SUN that dictates our fate.

By studying the Sun and trying to understand humanity’s historical relationship with it, I have been able to gain a deeper understanding of myself and the importance of becoming self sufficient and an independent, critically thinking human being.

Even after my spiritual journey for 10 years, it has given me even stronger purpose to my life.