we are living through a Lock-down of society and the fabric of our once relatively free lives has changed in an instant. From my experience it seems people are connecting with each other on a new level of consciousness rising from the ashes of the old world. whilst still so many are caught up in the hysteria of media spin and exaggeration at the hands of institutional errors, there exists a justifiable scepticism about the handling of this Coronavirus within societies.

Many now are asking questions about the action of government and whether the threat is real enough to justify the true damage to peoples lives and mental health. Actively and with much public support the government is rapidly succeeding at destroying the economy and livelihoods with our own money as there is no such thing as government money. If any level of normality returns after this Pandemic of sorts assisted by the few, we will pay it all back and more, all for a low impact epidemiological event.

Unfortunately we are all funding and witnessing one of the most unnecessary ruinous event that humans have witnessed in recorded history. Mental health problems and economic draining will be with us long after the virus itself yields to the changing warming seasons in the Northern hemisphere. We need to understand the facts and discard the false narrative from memory being widely promoted by government today. The conclusions and justification of a widespread lock-down and 2 metre social distancing rules from governments around the world are deeply alarming for those that understand the implications this act of global control will have in scarring the minds of humanity. London government incorporated has allowed a heavy laden train leave the station, assisting it with a green lights all the way policy while having the audacity to play games with our lives without scrutiny and rational motivation, excluding people with an actual spine capable of critical thinking and applying the brakes based on the evidence and historical context of epidemics.

Its interesting how times like these make people statisticians obsessed with numbers, unfortunately the obsession is mostly heavily programmed into society by only promoting figures that support the narrative and not reality. We all need to take responsibility and actively seek a historical context with which to compare the numbers to. Without this the numbers being reported seem alarming, they are not. The 2009 Swine Flu outbreak infected up to 1.4billion people yet resulted in 284,000 deaths approx.

This supposedly high number to the untrained mind is still within the standard figures of annual seasonal flu deaths globally of between 290,000- 500,000+..

Swine Flu was only 10 years ago and most people were oblivious to such an event. And now it is being agreed, implemented and supported by folk in fear that we should combat Coronavirus by inflicting more suffering than the virus itself presents.

The rapid rate of conformity in society over this matter is painful to watch for those that can read between the lines and are not in the same place of fear as those in the grip of Mainstream exaggeration. In a flash we have been taught to fear each other and heighten our sense of suspicion toward those not following the script, the curious minds of human beings is overtly being eradicated in favour of a script born of hysteria.

The alleged high mortality rates we have been seeing promoted around the globe have been fudged from the start,  determining a mortality percentage upon an entire nation whilst excluding or not accounting for the cases that are not being reported is mis-leading, this creates an incorrect input from the start.  with individuals that are only seeing mild symptoms and recovering outside of healthcare. This is why the irresponsible numbers that came from Italy early, were way off and aided the panic around its European neighbours.

Professor Walter Ricciardi advisor to Italy’s health minister has since stated that:

only 12 per cent of death certificates have shown a direct causality from coronavirus”

Knowing this now brings an alarming 10% mortality rate down to just over 1%.

The incompetence and handling of this event across the world should be a vivid wake up call for us all in recognising the failure of a capitalist system that has been decaying for years whilst stealing our rights, freedom, civil liberties, the sovereign right to free speech and freedom of movement.

The septic foot of government is crushing us all with mis-information and a fear program that is almost admirable for its execution without protest from its citizens. Numbers have no meaning without the knowledge of the past which is well documented and available to us for investigation . And yet it is this very symptom of amnesia within society that has forgotten even the last 5 years that allows government to overthrow our natural capacity for rational and critical thought.

The chart below available online from Public health for England clearly shows that Coronavirus is still currently within normal numbers of deaths.

Also we must see how the exaggeration of deaths within the UK currently are media spin following a pre conceived incorrect narrative from the script writers. There is little active journalism in the mainstream any more, merely script printers incapable of questioning the validity of a story especially ones that arise in government. There is no conspiracy, only collusion through fear and wilful ignorance.

Those few remaining integrity rich journalists are seldom given an equal platform to question and hold accountable the actions of government. Power has the platform and its technique for propaganda is second to none. John Pilger is one such journalist that has much to say about this event.   His recent film “ The dirty war on the NHS” should be watched to understand how the last 10 years of government under funding and dismantling of the British healthcare system is an act of greedy criminality. Billions are being siphoned out of the National health service which have been green lighted by the same government that now wants us all to praise and clap the NHS from our doorsteps while their hypocrisy remains unseen through our collective ignorance and long held emotional connection toward the NHS. You have to admire the campaign as it evokes the natural desire to be a part of something in humanity and identify with each other in support of a service that still saves many lives. This is the hook that has paralysed our ability to question and has enabled the emotional manipulation of society to just go along with the ruse in favour of saving a public service that government has been demolishing for years.

As citizens of an alleged superior democratic system we are never given an option sometimes just the illusion and are frequently dictated too by government as we have been this year in full view of the entire nation. For some reason we have been taught to have a toddler/parent relationship with external governance that is highly visible now more than ever. Which is fine when your a toddler, but we are now all adults and we do not need a nanny state to tell us how to think..Apparently there was no other course of action that could have been employed tackling Coronavirus , allegedly…

Exposure for the young and fit creates a natural immune response within the body, it enables the complex biology of the human form to re programme itself in response to this new threat so that it may learn to defend against and provide immunity for future infection. It has been this way every winter seasonal period since before this year. Think about that.

Look at the numbers!

Government sponsored adverts for the NHS are wholly mis-leading to and are striking fear into the hearts of the masses. With tags like “ Covid-19 is life threatening to all” is categorically incorrect considering what we already know. It’s not. We already know that the average age of those that have died in this event in most countries is over 80 years old, with approximately 1% having no previous and known illnesses prior. You also have to factor in the mis association of Covid-19 on death certificates as well, dying with Coronavirus is the not the same as dying from coronavirus. A study published in Nature medicine on 19th March 2020 claimed that the overall lethality of Covid-19 was far lower than previously expected by WHO. Surprise, surprise.

Interestingly Doctors in America received coaching on how to fill out death certificates from the department of Health. According to State congressman Dr Scott Jensen who gave an interview of the oddity stated:

you do NOT have to have a confirmed laboratory test for Covid-19 in order to make the death certificate be Covid-19.”

going on further to state:

Well, fear is a good way to control people. Sometimes people’s ability to think for themselves is paralyzed if they’re frightened enough.”

The side effects of this popular novel pathogen on society and the associated fall out from its blurred recognition in the minds of humanity is having a potentially devastating affect for everybody, the paradigm has shifted and we are in a new era of control. My local beach has had its path shut down with police tape and includes the absurd addition of 24hr private security firms paid for by council Tax contributors. Is this really necessary? Where is the threat?

Parents being overtly anxious toward children straying from their illusionary 2 metre bubble is a growing scene I am witnessing daily. Children know this is insane and yet we scold them for non conformity, how easy the generational fear programme has become.

I wrote to Amnesty International UK to see what this organisation was doing on behalf of us and to see if their platform may have some might in changing or at least challenging the current lock down based on evidence.

Unfortunately for us all the bamboozle is widespread and has infiltrated the very organisations that are supposed to protect our freedom.  The statement that stood out the most  in their reply was that “ the burden lay with government”. They went on further to praise the introduction of a sunset clause, a clause requiring a review in 6 months time of the appalling Coronavirus Emergency powers Bill.

Thanks AI UK you’ve really fought our corner!

Nobody is regulating the regulators.

It is important for us to see the darkness that lurks behind heavily promoted narratives, in doing so we remove the fear programming and aid in the leap of consciousness that is growing rapidly within societies. Although we all feel the heavy clouds of today that loom over each of us we must recognise that at the very least some of us have now been awarded a time to reflect. I have heard incredible stories of innovation and creativity from folk that are now standing back and assessing their lifestyles and wondering whether that old world was the right way for them to be living the way they did. A greater shift in thinking, adapting, connecting and innovating is quietly growing behind the noise that we have allowed to pollute our minds. Pockets of positive movement within communities is occurring and is primarily about taking responsibility. Taking on the responsibility individually naturally evokes a collective response, many folk are learning again how to grow food and help to create some form of resilience. This could be a fascinating network of communities becoming less dependent on the fragile food system we are currently in. Out of the gloom new skills are being acquired and professionals are offering services to those willing to engage or trade for a trade, this builds relationships that will become valuable in the future. An artist told me once ” that you have to trust people to make them trustworthy” Trust in each other is what is needed here, not suspicion as this will lead to a dystopian nightmare. Trust in communities to be stronger and to share knowledge that has local benefits to all involved is the future. This centralised charade we have grown up with has limited benefit to society, it protects its own and has a high disregard for the rest that only becomes visible when we are consciously practicing critical thought, question everything. Its now up to us to be the regulators as no institute wants that responsibility it is our inalienable right to hold accountable those who hide behind power.

We should not stand by and watch the erosion of our freedoms, we should protest and share knowledge with each other in the pursuit of truth and the scrutiny of political will….If we get the chance again to gain a deeper understanding of how reality is and avert manipulation from the state, we will all see for ourselves that fear is a liar.

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