If you calculate the numbers of fatalities just per region it’s possible to recognise that the threat of Covid-19 to the populace is limited to values which do not warrant a lockdown. It is also noticeable that a lockdown has limited affect and in reality is causing more harm to peoples lives than the virus ever could. The reaction from Government is a flex of muscular power in furthering the control of the minds of humanity. The numbers speak for themselves and anybody can check in an instant that the rhetoric is not fit for purpose.

For example if we take the known deaths in just London alone which currently stand at 4300 fatalities, that should be noted is an inflated and incorrect number anyway because of the reclassification of death from Covid-19 now. Dying with Coronavirus in your body now has become the primary reason for causation of death. Any and all other known factors and previous illnesses are now being ignored in favour of a Covid label. This is fraud.

So,  4300 deaths in London so far, which has a population of 8.9million people.

Calculating the percentage of these two numbers gives a value of 0.048%.

If you live in London the chances of dying even in the rigged numbers being widely promoted you have a less than 0.5% chance of death. Even if the fatalities doubled and increased dramatically which they won’t, your chances of death are still less than 1%.

If we now factor in the entire population of the UK which is 66,435,600 people by the total number of deaths nationwide which is 18,738 you end up with a figure of

0.028% chance of dying from Coronavirus.

We know the numbers are misleading and the representation of the facts are being falsified, from this we can only deduce that the risk of death is even less than the shockingly low numbers quoted above which we can all check.

Somebody please tell me I am wrong.

The shutdown is unconstitutional and the isolation measures in place is the real crisis that will have a longer lasting affect on societies minds, pockets and ability to move unrestricted. Non compliance and civil disobedience based on the evidence could be a combative response to a growing tyrannical government. We need to be aware the true threat toward our collective future is the Establishment, it has always been this way and it is not fit for purpose.

We have been warned for years that one day tyranny will arrive overtly on our shores, we neither wanted to entertain such notions or possibilities could ever happen in our apparently once free society. It does not have to be this way. Yet if we don’t wake up, this event will be dragged out like the word Brexit which has now disappeared from society.

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