I cannot help to think, thinking is our inalienable right as human beings, like freedom of speech. To be told “you think too much” in spite of what has happened around the world in 52 weeks is a dismissive insult to ones own intelligence. Sayings like this and “ “ you’re too opinionated” is a shut down phrase for those that cannot bear to understand they have been lied to and that the world is simply not operating as they perceive it. Opinions are one thing, but when you have credible evidence to prove the official narrative is in fact incorrect, then many more of us should be reading between the lines.

The curiosity of a child always has questions about the world they are discovering, and so they should. As adults we lose this inquisitive mindset if we forget what it is like to be stood in awe of the small things that help us become conscious of all life on Earth. When people reach a certain level of maturity we are bombarded with additional complexities within society and as a result, allow ourselves to be exposed to false truths that form the backbone of many opinions. Individual opinions are seldom based on fact with a greater magnitude created upon our own personal perception of the world, these perceptions are influenced by the media and as a sad result, society can quickly submit to a collective unconsciousness. It is very difficult to have an original thought or neutral perspective when people invest much of their time in mainstream thinking, to follow the herd leads to a passive behaviour, willing to accept any outrageous narrative.

Why are things the way they are?

As we age we can become all too familiar with the reality we have created for ourselves, in doing so we can forget the beauty that surrounds us daily and what is possible for humans to achieve while they are alive in a now suspect civilised society. When you stop asking questions and cowardly accept authoritarianism even against your better judgement, it is possible to remain forever under the illusion of knowledge. This illusion which is so profound within humanity today must be broken with bravery, courage, open mindedness and responsible action in listening to the valid criticism from educated medical professionals in all countries of this world. We must ask questions and not live in fear of their conclusions, if not for ourselves then for our children at least.

The media is the true virus in this world, it has the capability to shape our thoughts and perceptual experiences, quickly turning us against each other or telling us who we should be praising, yet only if we are tuned into it’s frenzied hype that so easily connects to the fear and emotional aspect of our brain function, thus paralysing all concept of common sense, rationality, experience and wisdom. Today the campaigns are more advanced than passed agendas and as we traverse the rocky road of truth by deception we are lead into unprecedented and dangerous waters. To it’s success, the division within the family unit using political sway has been a primary goal of globalists for many decades. The last year has broken every human right we have, rewritten standard medical procedure and invaded our minds with another unnecessary distraction.

For too long, society has seen big business in collusion with government to pit us against each other. The promotion of this global non pandemic has had folk scared witless, coercing many to be injected with a poison never before tested on the human race. This divide and conquer tactic has reached it’s pinnacle in the last year and the impressive mind control program has such high numbers of good people caught in it’s headlights that we can never return to life before covid.

The hoop jumping performed by the public has been carried out on the belief we will regain our pre national house arrest days and restriction free lifestyles, providing we submit and discard the things that make us human that is. Societies utterly foolish and reckless compliance has given the corporatocracy ultimate power over our bodies, minds and behaviour, people are perhaps at their most foolish for all of human history, even though our modern era can access so much knowledge for us to freely engage with and draw our own conclusions using fact not government spin. State authority has played the pied piper, leading its citizens in a trance capable of surrendering their freedoms over repetitive propaganda. As we seek joy from the momentary lifting of restrictions, we also fail to contemplate the inevitable thrust back into them come November 2021 or sooner.

More lies and removal of dissent

There is nothing wrong in wanting to understand ourselves, each other, this Earth and the way in which it is being run. The amnesia in society at present has dulled our vision, diluted our senses and sadly, society has collectively stepped backward from evolution over more lies. We think we know how this world works, yet I cannot help conclude that few really do. To many men especially, have been locked in a permanent childhood illusion of the world, one which requires continued consent from government and a sickening compliance, in case the toddler upsets the scolding parent. The flaccid nature of men today and their unquestioned conformity would make all our ancestors turn in their graves. We have seen to date man’s further descent from the animal kingdom as Twain pointed out over a century ago, the coercion tactics employed by the state are criminal, unjustified and has given birth to an unquestioned shame lying upon the shoulders of weak men pretending everything is ok.

If we continue to submit we will welcome in a new regime, discarding democracy and free speech as if it never meant anything at all. A 21st Century dictatorship is being ushered into society in order to save us from an invisible and exaggerated threat that has spawned a larger problem for us all, than this non medical pandemic has. These government declarations are mis-leading the public, resulting in a new paradigm of fear over facts and in doing so, billions are in a constant state of anxious concern, only happy to abide in irrational behaviour via paralysis of the critical thinking brain. So incredibly skilful the strategy is now, that the new prison within our minds will drive people to submit their freedom in exchange for short windows of free movement, but only if compliance to ridiculous, unnecessary restriction occurs and committing to the regular activity of  inappropriate PCR testing with travel and access to services limited only to those with a valid vaccine passport, if passed.   The wider population still has no idea what it gave up in March of 2020 and there is nothing normal about what humans are witnessing today.

If we think this is over from June 21st then why are councils around the country employing Covid Marshalls until 2023? By the very nature of the obscure lies surrounding Coronavirus’s, this agenda will continue for another two years in each of the natural winter flu seasons at least, if we stand by and do nothing our long winters will be increasingly miserable. The World Banks, COVID-19 STRATEGIC PREPAREDNESS AND RESPONSE PROGRAM  has an expiry date of March 2025, what do they know that the general public does not?

The public reaction to coronavirus propaganda is upsetting to watch and at the same time is a well executed globalist experiment with Gates at the altar, already flourishing in it’s roll out and the ignorant backing of those consumed by the fairy tale. We will unfortunately witness the continued erosion of our free liberty, over a lie and crime against humanity. The investment of time in the falsehood by those in fear has surpassed the necessary requirements to control the minds of an entire species, if we allow these entities to realise the full expression of such a long held plan, then we the people will have lost our most important battle, one that should preserve freedoms and rights for future generations. Many parents instead are willingly subjecting their children to a new level of enslavement utilising illogical behaviour deemed rational and justified by a choking passivity to herd mentality and tv programming that is far more contagious than Coronavirus itself….

These remarkable levels of human compliance since March 2020 are a staggering, perverse and destructive example of how malleable and easily manipulated societies minds can be. We have to remember that a global change in human behaviour came about from false models in Academia which projected a grossly, exaggerated simulated scenario that never came to fruition, thankfully. Yet where is the accountability and investigation into Imperial Colleges alarming predictions? Politicians have successfully fooled the masses yet again, not science, fact or even a credible threat to us all, but politicians, men we are unlikely to meet in our lifetimes and vastly under qualified to make the decisions they have. Those that have allowed themselves to be coerced into taking an experimental drug will realise come next winter that was a rash and foolhardy decision, their immune systems will fail them and consequently surrender their will to hospitalisation, as pointed out in the Governments published document “SPI-M-O: Summary of further modelling of easing restrictions – Roadmap Step 2”   31st March 2021 Points  32, 55 & 56…

Millions now have a reprogrammed body which will find it incredibly difficult to fight off infection, and to think that even healthy individuals were scared into receiving their shot, crumbling under the weight of peer pressure and discarding critical thought just to fit in with the herd. They will all reap what they have sown, and as they become weak, the propagandists finger will be pointed at those that took a considered and ultimately wiser path using informed consent and the right to freedom of choice. Those that did not succumb to bullying and compromising their immune systems will be the scapegoat required for the millions of deaths come winter in the vaccinated portion of society. Common sense will be publicly put under a guillotine and fatally punished for the widespread ignorance from those not wanting to think to any greater depth than an infant child.

Take action now and prepare for next winter, read below.


There is more politics in medicine than there is in


( quote from- Rapid virus recovery by Thomas E Levy MD, JD)

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