If you knew there was no real Law to pay income tax, and that we all volunteer to pay tax. Would you still continue to do so?


I wonder how many people know that income tax was invented and imposed upon the nation to help fund the Napoleonic War? I didn’t either. Although with little research anybody can find out about the history of Income tax.

In 1798 a Tory called William Pitt The Younger ( distinguishable from his father, William Pitt. Hence the name younger) released his budget and the following year implemented the act of taxing income. This was meant to be a temporary measure to help fund the dire situation Britain was facing at the time with France. I can’t help but laugh and cry at the word “temporary”.

Widely opposed it was abolished in 1802 by Henry Addington, Pitts Successor. Yet the taste for implementing income tax was insatiable to the establishments want in greed and a precedent had been set. Less than a year later it was re introduced as further conflict broke out with France. Amended versions of income tax remained in place until 1816 until also again it was abolished. 26 years passed with no income tax levy upon the populace only to be revived for its final time by a fellow Tory Sir Robert Peel in 1842, Peel opposed the income tax in 1841 yet backtracked on his words the following year.

Since 1842 income tax has been enforced using fear of prosecution under statute Law using clever wording that actually requires our consent for such an imposition within England. The history of the the UK is peppered with taxes imposed by kings and the Sheriffs who once claimed this right by force of sword. However 1799 is the start date for demanding citizens pay for war from the fruits of their labour.

It would be difficult to not understand that the income tax was solely created to fund War by the British establishment, its continued use for funding war and conflicts upon foreign soil to this day is very much apparent and documented, we the public have given percentages of our labour year on year to directly support and fund all major conflicts of the 20th Century. Apart from funding foreign policies which has been decimating other countries all in the name of corporate interests, tax payers money was squandered to save a bunch of suits in the banking sector from going bankrupt. Hardly anyone faced reprisal from what essentially was complete irresponsible behaviour in the finance arena and yet the taxpayer was forced to bail out to the tune of £850Bn, which in many cases the funds were used to still pay exorbitant bonuses to those in charge of failure. We all need to snap out of the idea that our taxes pay for the infrastructure of this country and that the United Kingdom would not collapse if we collectively refused to pay income tax, what would need to happen is the abolishment of the existing shenanigans and replaced with an efficient one. That is of course you still believe in the necessity of government.

What little of our money goes into governments services that benefit the populace is far short of where we could be without corruption at the highest levels. Simply put, we are paying for our own indoctrination in education and the misappropriation of funds in the NHS that has torn out over half the pages in a book of possibilities. If you knew there was no Law to pay income tax & HMRC could not provide the relevant documents to prove so, would you still keep paying it? We should all be writing to the Inland Revenue and ask them to prove the Lawful requirement that states we should be penalised for our own labour earnings..

This system of conformity without question needs a damn good shake up, yet can only happen if we shake ourselves first and brush the dust of servitude from our shoulders and open our eyes to the disparity in what tradition & Governance say and do. Its interesting how we have all been led to believe that someone who avoids tax should be incarcerated, we are a species of social conformity and have become very good at abiding by fear of our beliefs.

I see and hear of so many in the building industry stung by the Vat man, just because you happen to have funds over £80,000 going through your business account. So you increase your work load and HMRC says, No hang on, we need to throw another hoop at you to jump through and bog you down in further paperwork and headaches, resulting sometimes in an HRMC cock up leading to anxiety, stress and worry. As a self employed individual i was told like all of us were that we have to inform Inland revenue of our desired business ventures and associated incomes. What we are actually doing is volunteering to be taxed, we unknowingly are giving our consent to a for-profit organisation the right to take a percentage of our earnings based solely on traditional beliefs, not fact or Law.

Our collective tax on earnings goes to the Treasury, the same organisation that is committing to spending £178bn from 2016-2026 into the defence budget. Which is an incorrect name, it should be called foreign policy corporate interest budget. Our taxation has funded untold conflicts and waged war on peoples we have no real quarrel with. Its our policies that are aggressive to other nations along with our allies in committing Genocide, war crimes & human rights violations. All paid for by us. Think about that for a minute….

The repercussions of frivolous spending seldom make headline news, yet never tackles the real issue of the machine that keeps sucking the life out of all humanity. I don’t know what the solutions are, yet maybe somebody does?

What we do know is income tax was created to fund wars in foreign lands, over 200 years later we are still funding them.