So now we have full disclosure hitting the mainstream.

Many of us were aware of this technology over a decade ago & the term “ geoengineering” has been around for a very long time. I was one of many talking about this with folk to be met with in almost all cases the “ fluoridated look”.

In all the years that experiments like this have existed and the covert programs carried out on an unsuspecting public, why now for disclosure?

The idea for such programs of weather manipulation on a large scale have been around since the 1950’s. For half a century the military industrial complex has committed to an alarming array of weather modification tests, stratospheric nuclear explosions and unbelievable tampering with natural patterns for weaponized warfare and control.

The integration of geoengineering and sun dimming in the public’s psyche is as skilled a feat as was the idea that vaccines saved humanity. Vaccine policies is something I have researched extensively along with their ineffectiveness and appalling safety record. Yet the introduction for large scale immunisation projects was, certainly from research records an accurately timed and well planned program that coincided with a long-term downward trend attributable to better living conditions and not what Vaccine manufacturers still want us to believe.

It makes sense to me that the same patterns of control from corporate entities repeat in cycles much like nature. Agendas wait for nature or covert man-made events to present a set of remarkable coincidences and variables that can can be hi-jacked and manipulated. The history of such actions are described all to well in Naomi Kleins book “ The shock Doctrine”

My research into Climate change and the naturally occurring cycles are telling me and others that we are now in a time of remarkable situations again for a program like sun dimming to actually work and plant the seeds of failed science as true science into the public domain. It takes decades of preparation to enable public acceptance of irresponsible scientific behaviour. Now is the perfect transition to fool us again with not an “inexpensive” initiative as the below article suggests but a new lifetime tax to keep multi-$Billion projects like these continuing.

So the question still remains “ Why now for disclosure?”

Right now as I have written about previously the Earth is experiencing a natural transition from a warm period to a cool period. I must emphasize that what we will witness in our lifetime is a naturally occurring cycle that has happened with regular periodicity since at least the last Ice Age. It is important to note that almost all governments know this and extensive records exist on all four continents of the world, it was only 400 years ago that the northern hemisphere chilled by over 1.5c. We have known the world would cool again and that it is happening right now and has been for the last two decades.

The preparation for geoengineering has in my humble opinion been for this very moment in time where in the next 2-3 years we descend into the trough of solar cycle 24 naturally cooler.

Any sun dimming project rolled out now will give the impression that it works and yet again irresponsible scientists are the saviours for humanity once again. Also like vaccines the schemes will require greater funding over time to help prop up the illusion of success. The fully embracing public that have been brainwashed into believing global warming will gladly part with more tax funding to stop this world warming and the seas rising.

Unfortunately if this is allowed to be carried out the only success it will bring is the lining of pockets and the choking of whatever lives under the skies in the these modern times.

Wait for 2021, the scheme will present itself as successful yet only because it has piggybacked on the existing down ward temperature trend that would have happened anyway if humans were here or not. Remember almost all global warming models have never included the Sun as a contributing factor, ever!

Think about that.


( The independent news article above dated 4/12/2018 by Josh Gabbatiss)