Society can be turned into fools at the drop of a hat, condemning themselves and those around them in favour of supporting political demi gods which many believe will save them. We have been here before throughout history and yet seems incredible that it can happen again considering the expansion of human consciousness post world war 2. Perhaps it is this very expansion of awareness that threatens the survival of those in power and that we are now living through a damming of this freedom and liberty in order to quash our potential to see government for what it is, liars, schemers and cheats paid for with our money. Although there are many minds in society today that have seen for themselves the high levels of corruption and propaganda techniques employed by governance for control, it will be those injected with fear, paranoia and delusions of a new belief system that will condemn us all and support the removal of our human liberties once again. The video below highlights the attempts of past tyranny and how we are already deep into another dark chapter of our existence. The very nature of this non-pandemic is creating a sickness within the minds of society who prescribe to it’s false narrative.


Why an Obsession with Safety creates Sick Minds and a Sick Society

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