Numerology – The Mystical Language of Numbers


Many among us confuse numerology with math. Since ancient times, it has proved a close companion to astrology. Due to his intellectual curiosity, man has always dwelled in the mystical realms of numbers and planets to comprehend their influence on an individual’s life.

The universe operates on numbers, and interpretation of these numbers gives us an insight into our personalities. Each number has special significance and specific characteristics that reveal its nature. Want to know more? Let’s dive in to understand how numbers help us discover our personality traits and purpose in life.

Numerology – An art to decode numbers

Numerology is called the language of numbers. It is an art to decode the influences and implications of numbers on an individual’s life. It is a revelation of karmic imprint and indicates that numbers drive our intuition.

Each number is different from other numbers in numerology. Numbers’ objectivity is an essential tool for quantifying the realities of life. Whatever we feel or speak, numerology relates it to a specific number.

Types of Numerology

Since the Babylonian civilization, man has benefited himself with this mystical language of numbers to solve their problems. Man has used various methods to interpret numbers depending upon different cultural influences. The well-recognized types are:

Kabbalah Numerology

Based on Hebrew alphabets, Kabbalah provides the meaning of the birth name. Due to various alphabets in Hebrew, this type has 22 different variations.

It offers a detailed reading about a man’s future events and life analysis tree based on numerical codifications. The kabbalistic analysis is all about accepting self-realities to transform oneself into a better version and realize one’s life purpose.

Chaldean Numerology

Originated by Babylon people, it is the most ancient type. Chaldean numerology is known for its accuracy and lays out spiritual aspects of an individual’s life.

The single digits in the Chaldean numerological analysis reveal man’s apparent traits, whereas double digits delineate his inner truths. In this numerological type, letters range from one to eight.

Pythagorean Numerology

Also known as Western numerology, Pythagorean numerology is the most practised type. Each number relates to the first nine digits of the mathematical number system based upon Latin alphabets except k (11) and V (22). These two numbers are master number in Pythagorean Numerology.

Pythagorean analysis reveals that each number has positive and negative vibrations that influence our lives’ advantages and losses.

Abracadabra Numerology

The least practiced numerology type due to its complexity, Abracadabra Numerology derives numerical value from a series of pyramids to predict a man’s future.

It propagates an idea of finding a key number at the base of your birth name to comprehend your personality type.

New Kabbalah Numerology

Based on Roman alphabets, the New Kabbalah method reveals our life situations and describes our personality traits.

The Idea behind Numerology

This ancient knowledge operates upon your birth date, month, year, name, place of birth, and ruling planet to tell you about your life. Your birth name and date are as crucial as your planetary rulership and zodiac sign to structure your life.

Several apps assist you in calculating your life path number, soul urge number, expression number, or personality number in the digital era of today. These apps help you perform various calculations to align yourself with your goals in life.

Numerology & Various Number Types

Numerology gives us various number expression to highlight different areas of our lives.

Keep reading ahead to know what these numbers mean for you.

Life Path Number

The most significant number in our lives is the life path number. This number tells you about your greater purpose, character strengths and weaknesses, natural talents, and ambitions based on one’s date of birth.

It is an expression of your life experiences and reasoning for your past, present, and future happenings. The life path numbers range from 1 to 9 and are each unique in their respect.

Soul Urge Number

Soul urge number or heart’s desire number is about your intentions and inner self. It streamlines what you hold in the depths of your heart.

It reveals who you are in light of your deepest desires and passions in life. The soul urge number can be calculated using the numerical value of vowels of your full birth name.

Expression Number

Also known as the destiny number, expression number is the number of natural talents, refined skills, and abilities that make you unique from others.

Destiny number is calculated by changing your full name into numbers using the Pythagorean chart. Calculate your name as a whole without breaking it into first, middle, and last name to reach a single-digit number.

The main factor is if the sum of your name’s numbers reaches 11 or 22, do not reduce these to one number because these two are the master numbers in numerology.

Personality Number

Contrary to the soul urge number, personality number is derived by calculating the numbers of consonants in your full birth name.

It indicates your life aspirations, dreams, and goals. It describes you as a person and how you handle different challenges in life.

Final Thoughts

No one knows what lies ahead in the future. But still, the curious man tries to unfold life patterns, character traits, and actions using various techniques, and numerology is one of the trusted methods.

Numbers are the life codes, and their interpretation is an indicator of your personality, desires, and individuality. Numerology is an expression of your past, present, and future.

It unlocks the doors of wisdom for you to establish a connection with cosmic realms.

Your creation has a purpose. Trust yourself and unleash your potentials. Chase your dreams. Giving up should never be an option. Trust the support of the cosmic realm.

Numbers are a source of spiritual enlightenment, self-awareness, and philosophical balance in life. Understand the messages to manifest your dreams.