Written by- Giuliano D’alessandro

Medicine: The science of diagnosing, treating, or preventing disease and other damage to the body or mind.

Our science and innovations in medicine are not what they should be for a modern world full of resources and information like never before. You could say that diagnosing has come along way, yet the treatment and prevention of disease is well below par and far from the ideal solution.

It is a tragic sense of irony that most medications side affects are causing greater damage to the mind and body than any actual disease itself. How did we end up here?

The corporate interests in medicine manufacturing have forced out natural medicines in favour of modified substitutes. A true medicine is one that helps to rid the body of root causation of illness. The patent racket on mass produced non-medicines has become so enormous that protecting the racket is more important than protecting or preventing ill health within a populace. We are in affect shut off from a wealth of viable medicines simply because they are not patented and a company does not own the rights to its distribution. This is the tragic story behind western treatments and non-medicines, the infiltration of the machine goes so deep that even education systems and doctor training facilities are teaching us to ignore natures remedies and actively ridicule them.

It is an interesting situation we find ourselves in, where by doctors legally administer poisonous drugs and keep their mouths shut and always play down the side effects, like some silent no go area in any discussion or rightful questioning.

Learning for ourselves that medicine comes in many forms naturally, teas, foods, tinctures, roots, juices, vitamins and raw plant based diets. We can take responsibility and add to our own well-being with little effort.

Medicine should not be limited to mass manufactured products, we can exploit natural medicine healing that could be cost effective to all if adopted widely and would drastically reduce dependence on prescription drugs and the harsh side affects that go with them. Above all we are individually responsible for our own health and what we decide to consume plays a major role in how healthy we are. Preventative medicine, which is the best form starts with diet. Understanding this and staying away from junk food can lessen the need for medicines as the body is more resilient to illnesses.

The overhaul in western medicines will start with our own minds, we need to recognise that not everything is on the table when we turn to government sponsored health care and that if you really want to be well then knowledge is your greatest power.

Educate yourself.