9th Feb 2018


As of early 2018 there appears to be enough data to conclude that yes the Earth is cooling and rapidly. In order to explain my findings and that of others educated in this subject I should point out that this is nothing new to the Earth. We are entering a new yet repeated cycle that has been occurring for thousands of years and longer, although not a cycle in living memory now, our ancestors endured the same tumultuous times that lay before us now in this modern world.
Lets clear up one thing before we start, Global warming caused by Co2 from humans is a fraud and perhaps one of the greatest lies in recent history. ( AGW) Anthropogenic warming is the correct term used for the theory of human industrialisation releasing Co2 emissions and driving the planet to warm, allegedly to a catastrophic outcome for civilisation as we know it. This theory which has been sold to humanity for over 25 years now is currently worth $1.3 trillion and is a political agenda not a true science, the data models providing the science behind the drive do not stand up to scrutiny and are an insult to the definition of science. Global warming or Climate change as it is now known is in the same category as with tobacco science, Asbestos science and DDT science. The similarities are such that we are or were told one thing that fits an agenda while in actual fact a very different reality exists that can be observed and challenged. We should ask ourselves how do we know what the correct temperature of the Earth should be? What’s good for the southern hemisphere is not necessarily so for the Northern. How do we quantify an average mean for an entire planet? This world has constantly fluctuated, there are no straight lines or constants only what we wish to apply that suits us or others, politically motivated or not. The warming we have seen in the last 200 years to the year 2000 is over. All that remains of the warming agenda are the misguided repetitions that have no scientific integrity whatsoever.
A threat is almost always enough to control the minds of society into conformity and push humanity into submission with only very few willing to engage in critical thinking, we now have a generation that have grown up with the inadequate science and fraudulent theory that we are responsible for causing the Earth to warm. Governments rely on society not knowing their history as this is crucial for the bamboozle, while lets be fair most of us are far too busy to really look into the facts or are not even bothered either way yet will subconsciously absorb AGW without question, leading most of us into a false reality. Its not our fault, yet lets change this.

When we look at climate history its possible to unravel patterns that occur over time. We can call these short cycles and longer cycles but they do exist. We know how warm the Earth has been and also how cold to, we know this as far back as thousands of years. Ice core and ocean bed drilling allow us to take measurements to determine global temperatures that have occurred over time. Being able to pool data from such a long timeline enables scientists to discover patterns that repeat and study them, including observations written and recorded by humans from the last 500 plus years. Records show us that before human activity lead to the lie of man-made global warming, the Earth has always seen its climate change since before the great melt of the last ice age, Man was not the causal factor in driving temperature thousands of years ago, neither are we today. There are many things we are responsible for and should be held accountable when we speak of destruction of natural habitat and pollution. Yet none of these activities drive the climate, they are simply the waste product of an inefficient society that has been guided away from care & responsibility.

If human industrialization affects the climate then how do we explain the Greenland data?  The Minoan Bronze Age civilisation that flourished 4000 years ago was warmer than we have experienced in modern times, so to was the Roman period and including the Medieval warm period.

Dr. Ole Humlum @ Climate4you has provided graphics (shown below) which show Co2 concentrations steadily rising since before Minoan times as observed from ice cores taken in Greenland. Global temperatures have been significantly dropping ever since, this indicates to us that actually Co2 production has little influence on climate variations and that we should be looking elsewhere to see what is driving the climate.

( source: Climate4you, Dr. Ole Humlum )

The Sun has the capacity to take temperatures from 37 degrees c in the summer down to minus -10 degrees c in just a few months. There really is no other force upon Earth as monumental as the Sun.
For some decades now the study surrounding the activity of the sun driving climate has escalated thanks to the collective hard work around the globe for an appreciation of theories that can stand up to scrutiny which are based on historical data, hard science and a level of integrity for being correct not just politically correct.
Piers Corbyn ( yes Jeremy’s brother) is an outspoken critic of man-made climate change and has been predicting weather patterns and forecasting global weather with far better accuracy than any of the mainstream weather networks. Being an Astrophysicist affords him the capacity to understand other influences on weather systems outside of Earthbound measuring systems.
Corbyn for 2 decades now has been able to do what we call weather prediction in the mainstream cannot. He has been using the observations of the sun to determine how weather will change here on Earth, specifically what we call sunspots. I must point out that his methods are not unique to him only but that I am using him as an example here in the UK.
Sunspot activity has been recorded at least to Galileo times in the mid 15th Century. This is not a unique phenomena although the difference is now we have amassed a good pool of historical data that can show how temperatures over periods of time are influenced by the suns activity or inactivity.
What we can see from sunspots is that when the sun is very much alive so to speak and producing lots of energy the sunspot number annually increases, this correlates with temperature increases and warm stable periods here on Earth. On the flip-side when we observe a reduction in sunspot activity the climates weather systems become more volatile and temperatures decrease globally, not exclusive to cold periods only but droughts, floods and extreme weather patterns. Excellent examples of this phenomena are the “Maunder minimum” and “Dalton minimums” The first is a period between 1610- 1745 and the latter between 1780-1820. These periods of time are known as Solar minimums when the suns output is dramatically reduced.

Both these periods experienced extreme winters, yet so to hot and wet summers that had a devastating effect on crop production globally. Most of us have seen the romantic pictures of the Thames freezing over dotted with ice fairs and folk skating around. This timeline saw not only 4 metres of ice in some parts of the Thames yet also on subsequent summers dried up completely allowing people to cross on foot. The year 1780 saw a Tornado damage a church in Hammersmith London. 1783 the Laki Volcano in Iceland erupted killing 50% of Irelands livestock resulting in 25% of the population dying of starvation. 1800 saw Hail stones with a circumference of 11 inches! that killed wildlife in Bedfordshire & Oxfordshire. The list of extremes goes on and on. The Solar minimums caused by the sun set the correct conditions for extreme weather creating long lasting winters with snow up until June and yet other years bathed in hot, drought ridden summers. What we were also never taught in schools since, is these periods caused 25 % of the global population to perish. Food riots, Famine and awful subsistence were the outcomes of such extremes. Brian Fagan’s “ The little ice Age” is an insight into how climate made history. Well worth a read to get a grasp of just how perilous these severe changes in weather upon society were well before the ideology of global warming causing extreme weather.

John L. Casey is perhaps the most notable individual of recent times to bring forth the theory of relational cycles. His work demonstrates a solar cycle of 206 years of which we are close to finishing. The next climate change of cold weather is predicted to reach its low by 2030. Yet the motions are already happening, like a Solar Universal clock with Swiss accuracy. As the sun is approaching what is known as solar hibernation the effects upon the planet create an unstable environment . John Casey went public with his research back in 2007, as a former White House National space policy advisor you would think his credibility should afford ears to listen and examine. Unfortunately the ears of governance never pricked and as is always the case ridicule from his peers followed in a timely fashion. Casey the lone Wolf challenged his peers and carried on courageously so. In his 2016 Book “ Upheaval” he presents the case for catastrophic Earthquakes and an increase in large volcanic activity for the coming years. His research using historical data seems to correlate well with large eruptions in the past coinciding with low sunspot counts, including devastating Earthquakes around the globe.
“ Dark Winter” is Casey’s newest offering detailing even further the Earth’s relationship with the Sun, his case is compelling and his predictions are certainly stirring into action if your paying attention to global activity.

Past Sunspot Activity

As of 2018 3 new papers are linking cooling periods to low sunspot activity.

( 1. Oliva et al., 2018, 2. Ukhvatkina et al., 2018, Lockwood et al., 2018 )

The Case for a real global cooling event is growing monthly, no one has caused the coming cold and we cannot stop it, yet surely we could prepare for it.
Not wanting to sound like another end of the world article although its hard not to considering. The world will not end, it will carry on as it always has done. The Earth’s capacity to recover from extraordinary events is second to none, nature is the master of all. It is us the human inhabitants and animals of this world who will have to learn of a new way of life, just as our ancestors did before we shall do it again. The unfortunate scenario we are presented with in this modern era compared to all others in the recent past is that over 80% of the population rely on external sources for food. The bright lights of cities drew us all out of self sufficiency and now most of us only know how to push trolleys down the full aisles of supermarkets, what happens when that food starts to run out? Do you grow any food in your garden to feed your family? I know I don’t. If your paying attention to global independent news you will see that food shortages are happening right now. Bearing in mind what historical records tell us from these unstable periods, if history is to repeat itself in the time frame I am presenting here then growing conditions north of 40 degrees Lattitude in America could diminish to inadequate levels not seen since the early 1800’s. For the Uk we could be looking at anything above 54 degrees North Lattitude.
If we make no effort to counteract this event by rapidly developing the technology to grow indoors then i’m afraid we can only conclude that enormous casualties will occur globally which will be after the food rioting has ceased. To some this article will appear a fantasy for there are many of us living in bubbles. This is not our fault. We have become so detached from the Earth and its cycles that most modern folk genuinely believe we are untouchable by such gross claims written here. This is understandable as we are always fed inaccurate information so that we may never rock the boat of taxable industries.
If we do nothing now then we shall succumb to the perils of the next decade and longer in a worse fashion than our hardier ancestors did. I urge you to go read about our past and how all civilisations before us were shaped by significant warm and cold periods driven by the sun.
The man-made global warming agenda has cherry picked data from a far too insignificant time period of the 20th Century, it creates the illusion of man driving temperatures up. The climate models used are for want of a better word absurd. Let me explain.
When we compare CMIP-5 models dating back to 1979 the global temperature increases are way off in comparison to real observations since. (shown below in circles)

Source: Dr. John Christy/ Dr. Roy Spencer

The authors of the graphic above demonstrate using 73 known climate models and proper observation in a linear trend chart. We were told that by 2015 temperatures would be much higher than they actually are. Errors of up to 600% shown is politically motivated bad science and is a stark contrast to the actual observed temperatures globally using satellite data.

I have come to understand that we should be discarding the man-made warming theory, it serves no purpose to humanity apart from a share of $1.3Trillion to a few pushers and further control over a populace.
We are wasting energy, time and resources on a lie that that is preventing us from seeking solutions to the coming reality of our ever changing environment. We should be allowing the next generations of young adults in colleges and Universities to help create solutions to growing food by other means instead of deceiving them with political agendas which will only prove to be the salt in the next generations wounds by 2030. A report prepared by Brent Walker titled “ The New Grand Minimum”
details the Extra- Terrestrial influences upon Earth historically and mechanisms involved that create weather extremes. Pegged for the Acutaries Summit held in Sydney back in 2013 it is a revealing insight into how the sun may be forcing climate change. ( PDF Link included below )

Should we really be preparing? We may even survive and potentially still thrive providing we face the problem, not look away thinking it will never happen to us.
Your government will not save you, only we can save ourselves.
If we unplug ourselves from the matrix for just one moment we can witness these events unfolding before our very eyes. Record low temperatures are occurring all around the globe this winter. This will increase in severity over the next few years and become the new norm from which we cannot turn back. We are also seeing unprecedented flooding and extreme droughts. These weather anomalies are the same patterns that have decimated crops globally in history, which we are seeing in many grain areas of the globe today. The same reduction in sunspots historically have led to famine and civil unrest, all of which are well documented. Chinese Dynasties failed within times of Solar minimums and the Chinese have meticulous data collected on climate changes because of this. What’s interesting to note is North Africa is receiving a wealth of interest from Chinese investment, Why? Is Chinese money creating future infrastructure ready for climatic change in regions of Africa. Building ghost cities, and highways that stop dead into the desert. Why?
They have knowledge collected from history dating back hundreds of years and they know the deserts will become green again with the potential for food production. A speculative opinion of mine is that i think the Mayan Calendar which allegedly ended in 2012 was a calendar timeline to warn subsequent civilisations that this natural devastating event is coming, the very one we are about to experience and perhaps in the same way The Mayans and all major civilisations faced collapse. These coming periods of repeating cycles are perhaps the ultimate reset button. We must learn to understand that we have been living through an interglacial stage of the Earth’s life, a warm modern period that is a blink of an eye relatively speaking from the last great ice age and now possibly transitioning into the dawning of a new modern ice age. The warm periods enabling civilisations to flourish are the abnormalities in this world where cold is the norm for far longer sections of Earth’s History. We have been privileged, cushioned and protected by the warmth of the last 200 years.

The Earth’s magnetic shield which defends us from harmful radiation is waning in reaction to the decreased output of the sun. A weakened magnetic shield for the Earth allows more charged particles to penetrate into our atmosphere. For this reason it is suspected and becoming a reality that Volcanoes globally are waking up and could add to the decline in temperatures as they have before from massive ejections of particulate matter into the Stratosphere adding to an existing cooling. As recently as 1815 Mount Tambora exploded a VEI 7 eruption causing over 70,000 deaths and a direct global reduction in temperature, for which 1816 was called “ The year without a summer”. Crops in England and France failed, extreme weather conditions occurred and high amounts of snow were reported over Europe.

Mount Tambora. Island of Sumbawa, Indonesia

This article I have to say is the hardest subject to accept for my 10 years of research in many areas of this mysterious world. It is the one above all I wish not to happen and it makes me sigh the hardest sigh. My children and those of others will soon experience a change so drastic that I fear many will not cope. Russian scientists are claiming this event could occur even earlier than 2025, leaving entire nations neither the time or know how to prepare for such a different environment.
Where is our warning to raise awareness from those in power? Why are we not readying ourselves and creating stable, sustainable infrastructures? We should be discarding the fragile systems we currently live under for new ideas that will enable us to move forward prepared. I write this in the hope we can save families from what was endured in times gone by, allowing us to educate and learn from the mistakes in the past so that we are ready.
Yet I have come to realise we still don’t want to talk about taboo subjects really and there is no bigger taboo than saying “man-made global warming” is not driving the climate, the sun is. Considering the political will that has forced the warming agenda into the minds of all who walk the Earth I also fear the true agenda behind the warming saga is depopulation, Natural disasters take care of this far easier than Eugenics programs or policies. Many won’t accept that comment and far more will refuse to believe they have been had, that’s natural I have also found that challenging perceptions is actually harder than getting blood from stones. The mainstream media is in full damage control alert and will continue to do so for as long as they will have the capacity to air lies. A recent example of this is the Davos Economic conference in Switzerland, where global warming was a topic. Participants struggled to reach the conference amid the extreme dumping of snow that Switzerland has seen this winter, in excess of 3-4 metres of snow. Which is considered extraordinary even for winter in these areas. The media went on to say the reason for such extremes of snow and cold was due to global warming. There’s your oxymoron, its getting colder because its getting warmer!

I don’t have all the answers unfortunately, I am still learning like you. What I do know is we should know this information and be talking about it and getting prepared. To those that don’t agree that’s absolutely fine, yet please don’t condemn until you have investigated. As we approach what is being called the Modern Eddy Minimum and into cycle 25 of the Sun one thing can be sure, whatever happens from this point on, it is out of our hands. If we do nothing to help each other survive the coming changes globally then at the very least we should be praying for Global Warming instead.


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