The Greenland ice sheet is not melting to a catastrophic extent, contrary to belief Greenland has experienced record mass gain since late August 2019. The DMI ( Danish meteorological institute) has over 20 stations spread out across Greenland which records daily accumulations and losses throughout the year. The information they gather is accessible to everyone willing to look and the data sets provided stand in stark contrast to the media frenzied narrative that the ice sheet is doomed, because of us. It is not.

As of 24th September the ice sheet gained 6 Billion tons more ice and snow than the standard mean dating back to 1981. That is record gains for the start of the 2018/2019 winter in 40 years of monitoring. Back in November 2018 a gain of 12 Billion tons was recorded, 9 Billion more than the 1981 average for that time of year. How is this possible if we are being told Greenland is melting away?

We are all aware of the seasons, spring, summer, autumn, winter. Yet many are all to unaware of the manipulation of data by the media depending on which season it was taken from. The melt season occurs in the summer, naturally. By the end of April like clock work every year the ice begins to melt, this is a natural cycle that most people can understand.

By late August it starts to build again as the heat of summer dissipates and gives way to cooler months. All of the reports in the media of Greenland melting have come from the summer months, giving the impression this continues unabated throughout the entire year. This is deception on a grand scale and one that is serving the few instead of informing the masses with facts. Those that are conscious understand how the media works and yet generally most of society are succumbing to the dumbing down of their own intelligence.

Real eyes, Realise, Real lies.

The July 2019 melt loss was jumped on and successfully rode into the psyche of humanity without any true context of the information they were receiving. As can be seen from the image and data below, the ice sheet experiences highs and lows with regular cycles, there is nothing linear in nature as we are being led to believe. The mass gains far out weigh the losses seen in recent years, as summer months melt and calve the ice into the sea so does the winter months regain the loss exponentially so as we can see. Yet where is the media when these cooler events occur?

Only heat is reported which should alert any reader to the imbalance and inadequate journalism we have now in this world, which only reports on scripted versions of the whole truth, yet never disclosing the entire story as it unfolds and can be found readily documented.

With a higher number of record mass gains over losses it would be difficult not to conclude that a cooling rather than heating event is occurring. Although a record mass loss occurred in July of this year, the gain back into mass growth was rapid to recover. Current journalism reports the inverse of reality across the entire network of media outlets and its script is duping society into adopting a modern belief structure over factual events in their entirety. The deceit of human made warming is now successfully brainwashing a youth movement around the world, one in which a younger generation is experiencing an “Eco-anxiety”. The fear of catastrophic ends because of our collective living actions and the placing of blame upon human beings has created a new and modern level of delusion about how the climate works and which is the real agenda.

Greta Thunberg the face of a climate emergency can only be described as a mentally abused and tragically mislead individual. She has fallen victim to an incorrect popular mis-truth and is taking the batton of lies to rally fear in the minds of the next inheritors of this Earth. They have no idea what they are letting themselves in for. Any movement based on lies is doomed to fail leaving all those involved cheated, especially considering the magnitude of the human caused warming lie. The mis-lead youth who are willingly protesting on behalf of their own distorted and manipulated views have zero idea that the powerful elite will gain further control over their collective destiny, whilst continuing to avoid the true causation of climate changes.  The real fear and chill we should all feel is how a powerful select few is managing to act out and play the pied piper leading us and our children unprepared into the same climatic instabilities that have faced all civilisations before us.

If we continue adopting wild lies and non scientific belief structures over facts then we will be committing the gravest mistake in not preparing the future generations to survive in the coming decades. Adults need to educate themselves and then their children about this world as no organisation or educational facility is capable of doing just that. It’s all in the history of humanity and how climate cycles have affected our growth or decline, of which we are now entering a modern paradigm repeating past recorded cooling events. All the symptoms are here right now and the source is being understood. The Earth is not in danger, we are….