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The Most Powerful Blow Against Global Corruption and Fake Science — by Jamal S. Shrair, PhD

Revealing the truth about the Sun is the most powerful blow that can be delivered to the global corruption, fake and anti-science trends. Furthermore, and most importantly, the exploration of the Cosmos and the opening of the gate of heaven cannot be realized without knowing the physical reality of our star.

The majority of people think that corruption is limited to the economic and political spheres. That is not true at all. Corruption exists in various areas, including education and health sector. And corruption in scientific institutions, especially institutions of theoretical science is far worse and its impact on society is more devastating than the corruption that exists in political and economic institutions. In fact, if our scientific institutions are free of corruption, it would be very difficult, if not impossible for corruption to exist in the political and economic spheres. Fake science is being used by corrupt politicians and power-hungry individuals. We all know that power-hungry people are inherently corrupt.

Just look at the corruption in the domain of climate science. It is an ideal example that shows how fake science, is being used to enhance and legalize political corruption. Environmental researchers, specifically the ones who are belonging to leading mainstream research centers are always searching for a clue that fits their ideology, rather than seeking the truth based on concrete evidence. They are following the rule of policy-based evidence, rather than evidence-based policy. They always have their conclusions in mind before they gather the evidence. Even those scientists who are supposed to be independent researchers are following the strict rules of the scientific establishment and environmental activists not the rules of scientific objectivity. If they do not follow the rules, then their work will not be published in peer-reviewed journals. Independent scientists are allowing themselves to be used politically when they are linked with environmental activists. Keep in mind those activists receive huge grants from political organizations.

Although I totally disagree on the subject of climate change with the former president of Royal Society of London, Sir Paul Nurse, I have to salute him for the following statement that he came up with just, one year before he left office. “We need to be aware of those who mix up science, based on evidence and rationality, with politics and ideology, where opinion, rhetoric and tradition hold more sway. We need to be aware of political or ideological lobbyists who do not respect science, cherry-picking data or argument, to support their predetermined positions.”

Watch, also, MIT Professor Richard. L on the Corruption of Climate Science:

The power-hungry individuals and corrupt politicians are brainless when it comes to basic science facts, but of course geniuses with very big mouths when it comes to propaganda, rhetoric and political jargon. They are mixing up the pollution which is caused by crony capitalism-rather than human activities-with the natural changing cycle of the solar system. Keep in mind, if our society is ruled by rational economic order based on social justice, modern science and technology, world population would be far less than the current figure and both global and local pollution levels would be a few percentages- at the most- of the current levels.

However, climate science is not the only field which is deeply corrupted. The corruption in the field of theoretical physics, particularly theoretical astrophysics and cosmology is deeper and bigger than in the field of climate science. In fact, if the domain of astrophysics is based on scientific facts, it would be absolutely impossible for the current science of climate change to exist. In other words, it would be abundantly clear what causes current climate change and global warming. Besides that, the most ideal energy source, the one that guarantees global prosperity without harming the natural environment would have been developed. Without a doubt, nothing can rescue the absolute majority from poverty and the current corrupted system other than free science, free from the domination of religious-minded figures and special interest groups who are an important part of inherently corrupt social system.

Finally, I think you would agree with me dear reader that the most effective blow against Anti-science and Pseudoscience trends and also, global corruption which is now spread to all areas of humanity activities, is revealing the scientific truth about the Sun. I have been fighting aggressively for many years and without any hesitation or fear defending this infinitely important truth. Over the last a few years, I have presented colossal material and overwhelming evidence against the current model, which I called Standard Solar Dogma. The arguments are based mostly on observational data that were collected, by the most advanced detecting instruments in space and on land. Furthermore, and most importantly, the model that represents the physical reality of the Sun can be presented. And the world’s top scientific institutes can verify it experimentally. Therefore, if those global institutions are interested in the scientific truth of the most important physical entity for us in the Universe, and regardless of the impact, on current science and the financial interest of greedy corporations, then they have to contact me and we can have a deal. What I mean with the top scientific institutes are the ones like, Research Center for Electron Photon Science at Tohoku University in Japan, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Harvard University, Max Planck Society, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers, the University of Cambridge and many others.

By Jamal S. Shrair, PhD — Founder of the Helical Universe.

Shrair has a degree from Canada in Electrical engineering, Queens, MS.c degree in experimental particle physics and theoretical nuclear physics, and a PhD in solid state physics and micro-electronics from Hungary. In the last 20 years though, Shrair has dedicated his time to researching condensed matter nuclear science and astrophysics.

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