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Over the past 7 days, the U.S. Broke a Staggering 2,159 Low Temperature Records vs just the 213 Max

The HISTORICALLY-EARLY Arctic invasion suffered in North America over the past week has laid waste to thousands of all-time cold records — with even the official data from warm-mongers NOAA unable to hide that fact.

Even with NOAA’s blatant and systemic AGW bias, they still logged a staggering 2,159 new daily low temperature records over the past 7 days, against the paltry 213 for new daily max (even though the SE was reportedly experiencing widespread catastrophic heat during this period, at least according to the MSM).

114 of those daily record lows were also new monthly record lows, with just the 9 set for max.

And most shocking of all, a total of 100 ALL-TIME low temperature records fell in the U.S. over the past week, as opposed to the zero for record heat. And so just to clarify, these past 7 days brought the lowest temperatures EVER recorded to 100 weather stations across the U.S..

Some of the highlights include Old Faithful, WY where a new lowest-ever October temp in 115 years of record-keeping was set — last Friday’s low of -13F (-25C) bested the previous record Oct low of -12F (-24.4C) set back in 1997 (solar minimum of cycle 22).

And also worth noting is the new daily lowest minimum temperature set at the Rock Island Lock & Dam weather station, Illinois — its reading of 26F (-3.3C) on Oct 3 smashed the previous record for the date of 37F (2.8C) set all the way back in 1876 (solar minimum of cycle 11 — the beginning of the Centennial/Glassberg/Gleissberg Minimum).

In addition, 253 daily snowfall records were toppled during the past 7 days, with 10 of those setting new monthly measurements, and 3 breaking previous all-time observations for any month of the year.

The lower latitudes, where us humans reside, are COOLING, and cooling fast.

The Arctic may be warming (slightly) but quite frankly, who cares; no one lives up there, and as NASA succinctly identifies in the below image: during periods of global cooling, some regions of the planet actually warm; the Arctic is one of these regions, as is the N. Atlantic/S. Greenland as well as Alaska:

Temp change between 1780 (a year of normal solar activity) and 1680 (a year within the depths of the Maunder Minimum) — NASA.

And don’t concern yourself with Arctic melt as for starters, there really isn’t anything out of the ordinary going on; and for seconds, at least 90% of the planet’s ice is safely locked up in Antarctica which has been growing steadily since measurements began, comfortably offsetting the comparatively tiny losses observed in the Arctic.

The obfuscation –and at times outright fraud– peddled by the world’s media and government agencies is scary. But although they may be successfully managing the narrative right now, they can’t control the facts on the ground, or on the sun.

The truth is, the cold times are returning to the lower latitudes in line with historically low solar activity; and this will soon be blatantly obvious for all to see.

NASA has recently revealed this next solar cycle (25) will be “the weakest of the past 200 years,” with the agency correlating previous solar shutdowns to prolonged periods of global cooling here.

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