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Only Condensed Matter Nuclear Power can save the Planet and Eradicate Poverty

Only condensed matter nuclear power can rescue the planet from the great danger posed by the fossil fuels and fission nuclear power plants. It also helps economic growth, since energy is the most important input for economic development.

Everyone knows that different state-owned enterprises, many private companies and large number of international research groups have been trying for decades to achieve the task of replicating the primary energy source of the Sun. In the last half-century alone, more than 100 fusion reactors have preceded the ITER. None has produced more power than it consumed. And the same thing will apply for the ITER and all other projects. Nevertheless, due to the reason that a temporary plasma state can be induced for a very short period of time, physicists are convinced it is only a matter of technical issues -engineering problems- before the plasma can be permanently confined. This is a pipe dream. Any type of thermonuclear reaction is impossible to be self-sustained. First of all, engineers and material scientists are trying to accomplish something that does not take place in the Sun or in any other star of the Cosmos. This fact is abundantly clear from data collected by space telescopes and other instruments for decades. More importantly, the research record of experimental thermonuclear reactors speaks for itself. In spite of, so many methods that have been tried to confine the high temperature plasma, all of them have failed. The so-called Magnetic Confinement Fusion (MCF) and the Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF) are considered as the best methods to reach the goal of fusion power.  With regard to the first method, there are around seven magnetic-mechanical configurations that are in use. Standard Tokamaks, Spherical Tokamaks, Stellarators, Reversed Field Pinch, Levitated Dipole Experiment (LDX), Cusped Geometricas and Magnetic Mirrors. The ICF method uses four different configurations. Fast Ignition ICF, Direct Drive ICF, Indirect ICF and Heavy Ion Beams ICF. There is another method, called Inertial Electrostatic Confinement (IEC) that also has four different configurations. Penning Traps Beams, POPS and Fusors. The other well known methods are the pinches. Z-Pinch and Theta-Pinch. Besides that, there is another method called Field-Reversed Configuration. Finally, we have the hybrids methods that are made from combining the above mentioned methods. Such as, Magneto-Inertial Fusion (short lived magnetic fields and ICF), Magnetized Liner Inertial Fusion (Theta Pinch and ICF), Magnetized Target Fusion (Field Reverse Configuration and ICF), Polywell nuclear fusion (Cusped Geometries and IEC), Screw Pinch (Theta Pinch and Z Pinch) and the Dynomak or the Spheromak.

All these experimental approaches and efforts in the last several decades could not produce one single useful reaction. The generated plasma could not be confined and the energy spent to create it is still higher than the output energy. It is worth noting that in the case of the Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF), the energy required to initiate the reaction is still two orders of magnitude bigger than the energy produced by the reaction. One researcher with the National Ignition Facility (NIF), USA said, “Our total gain — fusion [power] out divided by laser [power] in — is only about 1%.” [Ball, Philip ‘Laser Fusion Experiment Extracts Net Energy from Fuel,’ Nature, Feb. 12, 2014]. 

Physical Reality is hitting controlled thermonuclear fusion researchers hard and they are getting desperate. In recent years, they have embarked on falsifying their experimental results. Now, the Chinese are next in line to be hit by the physical reality. If, they will be honest and courageous enough to publish the results of their reactor that supposed to be ready in the beginning of 2020, then the truth about controlled thermonuclear fusion would be further exposed.

Nonetheless, falsifying the experimental results of fusion research is different than falsifying observational data from deep space. In the case of fusion power research, it is so easy to be caught red handed — falsifications, cover-ups and the prolongation in fusion research projects in order to obtain more money without real results are crimes against science and humanity:

Many decades and more than a trillion dollars have been wasted trying to achieve usable energy from these hypothetical reactions. So far, even with the newest fusion devices that were designed with supercomputer like the Stellarator, the net gain of usable energy does not exist and will never exist. In fact, up to date there’s no experimental fusion device that could reach the break-even point, not to mention usable energy. The best results are 2% in the case of Magnetic Confinement fusion and 1% in case of Inertial Confinement fusion. In other words, the breakeven target is still thousand light years away. And, I am absolutely certain the breakeven point is physically impossible. Besides the financial loss, so many talented minds have been wasted and more will be wasted in the coming years chasing something which is not an elusive but rather illusive one.

An artificial sun can only be realized based on the physical reality, not on a dogmatic model. The nuclear reaction that takes place in the Sun is not a thermonuclear reaction, but rather a condensed matter nuclear reaction. It is an absolutely peaceful nuclear energy source and without radioactive waste or harmful byproducts. I can provide, to any interested company or research institute all the scientific details of the process responsible for the primary energy source of the Sun and how to replicate it on a laboratory scale. Finally, I would like to emphasize that no company or research institute will lose anything by giving me a chance to show my model, even if they think right now, that I am 100 % wrong about how the Sun produces its radiated energy. Nonetheless, I will never reveal my proposed model without a guarantee of huge financial payment. I have suffered beyond comprehension for 25 years and I am providing the know-how to produce the most ideal energy source.

By Jamal S. Shrair, PhD, Dissident Scientist and Founder of the Helical Universe

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