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Heavy Snow Buries Many Regions of Japan

Heavy and widespread snow fell along the Sea of Japan coast as well as central and eastern regions Tuesday through Wednesday morning, with the weather agency warning of dangerous winds across the archipelago even after the snow subsides.

65 cm (31 inches) of powered was recorded in Niigata Prefecture and 55 cm in Nagano Prefecture in just 24 hours. Near Tokyo, the first snow of the season was observed in Kumagaya in Saitama Prefecture.

To enable the public to better prepare for sudden weather changes, particularly that of surprise snowfall, Japan’s official weather agency announced it’s intention to utilise a new supercomputer introduced last June.

“By making it easier to grasp the expected scale of snowfall, I believe it will help encourage (the public) to, for example, adjust their travel schedules accordingly or make a detour by picking a safer route,” an agency official said.

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A major snowstorm in Tokyo, 2018 paralysed the city

Last year, the heaviest snow in four years hit Tokyo, as 23 cm of snow disrupted transport and brought businesses in the capital to a standstill.

The following month, some 1,500 vehicles were stranded over 10 km on a main road in Fukui Prefecture as a result of heavy snow.

The AGW agenda continues to point the world in the wrong direction.

The cold times are upon us.

Grand Solar Minimum

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