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Extreme Weather Strikes Spain — Record Breaking Rain, Tennis Ball-Sized Hail and Unprecedented Snow

Extreme weather in northeast Spain has left at least one person dead, with temperatures on Monday, July 08 sinking 10C in just 10 minutes on the leading edge of a freak front.

Footage reveals rivers of ice flowing through Utiel, Valencia after hailstones the size of tennis balls fell on the municipality. Locals reported that this level of hailstorm had “never happened before” in the region.

The event has been compared to the storm in Mexico last week.

Government officials were left in shock after four times more rain than forecast fell suddenly in the Navarra region, causing the river Cidacos to burst its banks.

Videos show streets transformed into rivers with cars fully submerged in the cascading torrents.

One man died after his vehicle was swept away by the flood.

Furthermore, there are also reports of “unprecedented” summer snow falling over the Pyrenees (more on that to follow).

BBC Weather has warned that thunderstorms will continue to batter Europe this week, but again fails to mention the anomalous cold gripping the majority of the continent.

Latest GFS runs reveal this cold will only intensify over the next 10-or-so days:



During solar minimum, the jet stream’s usual Zonal Flow (a west–east direction) reverts to more of a Meridional Flow (a north-south direction) — this is exaggerated further during a Grand Solar Minimum, like the one we’re entering now, and explains why regions become unseasonably hot or cold and others unusually dry or rainy, with the extremes lasting for an extended period of time.

We’ve known these mechanisms for decades, as this article from 1975 would indicate, but as they clash with the modern politicised AGW agenda, they’ve conveniently been forgotten:

Earth’s climate is cyclic, never linear — driven mainly by the sun.

And history is repeating.

The cold times are returning, as the sun enters it’s next Grand Solar Minimum cycle.

Even NASA agrees, in part, with its solar cycle 25 forecast suggesting it will be the weakest of the past 200 years:

The time to prepare is now.

Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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