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Disaster Averted! — Greenland has Big Turnaround and is now GROWING Sea Ice in Summer

After the slew of End of the World articles last week claiming Greenland’s Ice Sheet was on “the verge of collapse” and about to face another “scorching annus horribilis”, the sheet is in fact now GAINING massive amounts of ice — something it doesn’t often do this time of year.

The scaremongering appeared to have no limits — terrifying predictions were copied-and-pasted all over the web, the brain-dead eco snobs arranged marches, and our worrisome children had many a sleepless night, their poor little stomachs tied-up in more knots than Greta’s Hitler Youth pigtails.

Here’s one such doomy prophesy, from the AFP, “Arctic could face another scorching Annus Horribilis”:

Well the AFP can shove that article right up their annus, and I hope it’s horribilis.

All this alarmism was extrapolated from just a few days melt (melt that wasn’t even record-breaking btw).

Are people even aware that Greenland’s Ice Sheet is supposed to melt during the summer months?

Historically, it begins shedding pack in early June and doesn’t begin building it again until late August.

Taking a look at the chart below from the DMI, two things become clear, 1) The melt which occurred last week wasn’t scary, and actually remained within the 1981-2010 average, and 2) Over the past few days, the turnaround from seasonable melt to unseasonable growth has been astonishing.

Greenland’s Surface Mass Balance to June 24 (Grey is the 1981-2010 Mean // Blue is the 2018/2019)The DMI is the ‘Danish Meteorological Agency’, and before anybody claims this is an obscure source, 1) it isn’t, and 2) they’re the same guys and gals quoted by many of those mainstream articles during last week’s melt.

Boy did those alarmists ever jump the gun.

I look forward to the fresh slew of copy-and-pasted “Disaster Averted!” headlines.

I guess I’ll be waiting a while mind.

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