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A Record-Breaking 31.6 inches of Snow has already Accumulated in Great Falls, MT

31.6 inches (80.3 cm) of early-season-snow has been measured in Great Falls in September and October –so far– shattering a 35-year-old record, according to National Weather Service data.

Typically, Great Falls’ total for the entire snow season is 60 inches, and the city is already halfway there “and we’re not even to the end of October,” exclaimed Christian Cassell, a Weather Service meteorologist. “It should be pretty obvious if we continue on this pace we’re definitely going to set a record for seasonal snowfall.”

That 31.6 inches (80.3 cm) of powder has comfortably surpassed the previous record for accumulations between July 1 (the official start of the snow year) through October 26 — the previous record was the 18.1 inches (46 cm) set back in 1984 (solar minimum of cycle 21).

An additional 4 inches (10.2 cm) of snow, heavy at times, is expected to hit the Great Falls area this morning (Monday), followed by potentially record-breaking cold through Tuesday and Wednesday — “that’s pretty dramatic for this time of year,” Cassell added. “[All this is] timed with the morning commute, so it’s going to be a mess. [The snow] could fall at an inch-an-hour rate.”

Surrounding areas are also expected to add to their recent totals with even heavier falls, as Winter Weather Advisories span across a staggering 6 states. Showdown Ski Area received 16+ inches last week, with much more on the way this week, according to the NWS.

Local residents are asking themselves where fall has gone, as winter storm after winter storm buries the Electric City.

In addition, October’s average temperature has been 40.3F this year — some 5.9F below normal.

And “that’s only going to go lower,” according to Cassell, “because it’s only going to be cold the rest of the month.” Cassell concluded that the weather pattern bringing anomalous cold and snow looks set to continue well into November, and perhaps even longer.

Brutal Arctic air is delving ever-deeper south, delivered on the back of a meridional (wavy) jet stream flow which in turn is brought on by historically low solar activity.

NASA has recently revealed this next solar cycle (25) will be “the weakest of the past 200 years,” and they’ve correlated previous solar shutdowns to prolonged periods of global cooling here.

Don’t believe NOAA’s cherry-picked, UHI-ignoring global thermometer data — our future is one of ever-descending cold, which, for time immemorial, has ALWAYS led to crop failure, unrest, famine and war.

Prepare now — grow your own.

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Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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