The effect and current global hysteria surrounding the Covid-19 outbreak is far worse than the virus itself. It’s timely recognition as a global threat is the narrative that has been adopted to cover up the existing decline in global food production, the enormity of crop losses on all continents and a new game of exquisitely engineered social conditioning . When you look at the numbers globally it is clear that in comparison to previous years of influenza outbreaks that this event should neither stand out or sanction the restrictions facing many nations today. To further understand this current issue that is affecting a greater proportion of lives than the virus threatens in reality, a level of context needs to be taken into account.

We should know that during the 2017/2018 winter there was in the UK, according to the governments own website an excess of winter deaths estimated at 50,000 people. One of the highest peaks dating back to 1975. Over 26,000 deaths that year were associated with Influenza. The 2014/2015 deaths were even higher at over 28,000 attributed to the flu. In all years the most vulnerable are those aged 65 and over. This is a natural cycle that happens every year, peaking in February to late March. There are swings and variations from year to year with some years experiencing far less than quoted above. My point is high death numbers are nothing out of the ordinary and by the CDC’s own admission back in 2017 between 291,000 and 646,000 people die globally from Flu and related respiratory problems. According to the
European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control as of March 27th 2020 the total deaths attributable to Covid-19 stands at 23,672. Whilst any death is a tragedy, the numbers currently are well within the winter norm that for previous years those that lost lives went entirely unnoticed by society outside of the affected families.

Where was the lock-down in these previous years to prevent spread? And why is a Coronavirus strain a globally recognised threat now?

Coronavirus is nothing new, 6 different strains of coronavirus make up between 5-14% of all common colds. The current testing method employed uses RT-PCR which replicates RNA to create a positive or negative result. Interestingly this method is only 60-70% accurate, the health industry would normally only prefer to use a test upward of 95% accurate. So as we can see there is a large gap in efficient and correct diagnosis going on, with a 30% chance of a negative over positive result, this is the level of technological ineptitude we are at today.

Coronavirus is not a threat if you are fit and healthy, this statement is not only backed up by the demographic being affected worldwide and the people who have recovered from the virus but also through the Rhesus Monkey test that was performed. In short, Monkeys tested were infected with Covid-19. After 28 days they were re infected, yet had built enough anti bodies to withstand a positive test result. Meaning the fit and healthy people in societies need to be exposing themselves to this virus so our immune systems can create the required response, build the anti bodies and make us immune to further infection. Being locked up away from each other and accepting the totalitarian notion of a new phrase like “social distancing” will have a detrimental affect come next winter.

What we are witnessing in reality is the hi-jacking of a Northern Hemisphere winter trend to facilitate one of the greatest social conditioning programs since WW1. From the initial stages of hype thanks to certain virologists and the Imperial college of London modelling a scenario of 500,000 deaths in the UK if nothing is done that are so absurdly carried away with the notion not the facts has landed us all in this new epoch of high level conformity and suspicion without protest or question. The same tactics employed again in an ever more slick campaign using an unwarranted threat to scare the nation through traumatic events and now carrying out large scale “simple simon says” games. Through all the hype that led politicians and the government to act like they have, we are now being told that the likely death rate from this virus will be in the region of 20,000 people in the UK.

Which as we have seen from above is still 8000 under the 2014/2015 totals associated with flu.

This needs to be pointed out so that we can see that out of the standard variation of winter flu and respiratory deaths, nothing is out of the ordinary and is far from a true Pandemic level, which was actually declassified as such on the governments own website as of 19th March 2020. Did the BBC mention this?

Recognising that less than 1% of fatalities is affecting the healthy population should at the very least curtail the unnecessary anxiety levels seen within the public domain since this non Pandemic has been forced upon the inhabitants of this world. This program stinks and the numbers don’t add up to warrant the level of panic which is the true contagion right now, you neither need to be a mathematician or hold a PhD to read between the lines. Intelligence has nothing to do with conscious awareness, I and many others have faced a barrage of condemnation over the years from those that like to consider themselves intelligent yet fail to allow themselves the capacity of seeing without the fear triggers hidden within the language of mainstream media. The misrepresentation of the Covid-19 strain is identifiably more damaging than the virus itself. The BBC is misleading folk using words like “ disease” , “ War”, and “ Frontline” that successfully trigger in the sub conscious minds of a society the descriptive words of past fear, a fear that is neither valid or useful yet serves a specific purpose to enact further reaching restriction of movement, a tool to initiate widespread cashless societies and damage control to the existing decline in global food production.

The historical global events 3 years prior and leading up to countries now locking down their citizens needs to be understood if we are to avert Soylent Green societies. The internal attack on all our human rights and civil liberties is a wake up call for society to recognise it as such. Global crop production has declined rapidly and continues to do so at a rate not seen in modern history and we are now experiencing losses and wild swings in weather that correlate with experiences documented in the “ Maunder and Dalton Minimums” which have almost been forgotten and dissolved from living memory.

Changes in the Sun’s Solar cycles are affecting regional weather patterns that are extreme in all variations to us because we have been led to believe the Earth should be consistently stable just for our benefit. The stable growing conditions that has led society to expand so rapidly in the last two centuries has surpassed it’s peak and is now collapsing spectacularly, the Covid-19 non pandemic is adding insult to injury whilst obfuscating the truth behind food shortages. The hysteria in the public’s mind is born out of fear and the run on supermarket produce will potentially be one of the explanations to lay blame on already existing global food losses prior to the panic. We need to get together and start food growing collectives in all available spaces and counties nationwide. The collapse of the global food supply was always inevitable as its foundations are built on stable distribution lines, when one chain breaks down like Chinese exportation has, then the fragility of how we live will show its true unsustainable colours, as it is right now if you are looking.

Farmers were already struggling on all continents due to an ever changing climate and perhaps the best way to insulate ourselves from this is to take out the middle man and go direct to farms offering help in return for food.

Above all Covid-19 is a perfect distraction subject that even sounds like a WW2 operation to me, hence the title. The threat of fear is almost always enough to fool a populace. Since the 1950’s trust within society has diminished to an all time low. Now thanks to the toddlers with tommy guns we are in a new era of suspicion toward each other, families, friends and neighbours. People crossing the road to avoid close contact, looking in suspicion at their fellow human. All of which under the disguise of “ Save the Nhs” and “ Save lives” which is laughably insane considering those instigating this idea were paramount in dismantling the NHS in favour of privatisation. Yet we are all emotionally connected to these ideas laid out for us, it is this emotional connection that is childs play for systems to hi-jack and to push ideology into citizens minds without protest. “ Its for the collective good don’t you know” ,

Now everyone has become an informant with nowhere to hide should you have a normal seasonal cough out in public. The absurdity of it all should be on a far higher proportion of minds and yet so many have rolled over in fear, given up their right to be a human being and morphed into sheep hiding in their pens waiting for the Shepherds next command. To be even critical of the narrative as I am in this article will in the future land me and others an Orwellian sentence which legislative motions are now escalating in order to silence all dissidents of the state under the fake news umbrella of government damage control.

We have all been duped, know this. Don’t believe me, carry out your own due diligence and look at the numbers.

This is the biggest wake up call for all of us, if your complicit with staying asleep then please don’t complain when the shackles are around your own ankles, for real.


Listen below to educated professionals that can see through the absurd narrative being promoted worldwide..All the information below should be considered before reaching a conclusion about this Event..



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