June 2018

This is a follow up piece to my first article titled “Is the Earth Cooling”.

Previously I referenced to cold periods of time within the last 400 years, known as The Maunder and Dalton minimums. We are seeing correlations in the extreme weather events today that were documented in that period, although correlation is not confirmation we should still be taking note as the similarities are growing. The noticeably weakened sunspot activity historically can be shown to drive cold periods on Earth and with it great seismic events, large volcanic eruptions above ground and also oceanic eruptions. We have multi disciplinary sciences from which we can gather data that show us the events happening globally with the Earth’s Climate today has happened before many times over. It is not a result of increased human activity.

As we have previously explained the sun is driving and forcing our climate here on Earth, and periodically the magnetic north and south poles wander and have reversed a number of times within the last 1 million years. Currently our magnetic north and south pole are wandering at a rate that is leading many to take heed of what this all means for us and the Earth, it will add insult to injury and increase the rate at which the decline will occur.

According to Robert Felix’s book “ Magnetic Reversals and evolutionary Leaps”

Catastrophic cooling and rapid ice build-up accompanied many of those magnetic reversals and excursions. At least 12 ice-ages can be correlated with magnetic reversals and excursions in the past 2 million years alone.”

Magnetic Reversal Chart - Evolutionary Leaps

( graph above shows points in history that magnetic reversals have occurred, thousands of years ago )

We are almost two decades into global cooling and of great climatic change, which is being blamed on Human made global warming. I believe the IPCC should face criminal charges for fraudulent activity and grand deception, We are being lied to under a political agenda.  Our affect upon the Earth is one of pollution and our destruction toward nature is appalling, yet we are not driving the Earth to warm. We are insignificant in the millennial cycles that have occurred again and again and which are now affecting the Earth to cool once more. The Earth is transitioning back to its normal state of cold,ice and upheaval after a thriving period of growth across all walks of life in the last 200 plus years, which has experienced the historically abnormal warming periods and saved us from peril. From here on the impact upon society will be difficult to ignore and by 2021 most of us will recognise that something big is happening to this world.

The coming decade for Earth will go through the most extraordinary transformation ever witnessed by an alleged civilised society, certainly for hundreds if not thousands of years prior to this moment in time. We have reached peak abundance in food production, and we will never see from this point forward the same output that current agricultural practices have provided for. The decline in food production is happening rapidly, crop devastation is unavoidable unless we change the way we farm and food prices are rising due to massive crop devastations. We could bring agriculture indoors in controlled climates or succumb to the same destructive forces that had plagued previous cold times on Earth within the last documented 500 years plus. We should act now under the influence of ALL  the credible data available to human beings.

In February 2018 we have seen hail storms in Central and western India causing fatalities and damaging crops with tennis ball sized hail and larger.

Cordoba, Argentina saw hail possibly breaking the record at 9inches in diameter.

Al-Madinah, Saudi Arabia witnessed violent hailstorms resulting in over 50 people being injured.

Tennis ball sized hail in Sydney damaging vehicles.

3.5inch hail pounded Arkansas in March causing damage to vehicles and houses.

March 14th Lesotho, Southern Africa experienced a deadly hailstorm. At least 5 people dead.

April 1st Telangana district, India has 135,000 acres of crops damaged from hailstones.

April 14th hundreds of acres devastated to hailstorms in vietnam, also causing damage to over 1000 homes.

April 15th Hail the size of cricket balls devastate Meghalaya state, India

April 21st Texas 2 inch hailstones reported causing damage

May 2nd Baseball sized hail reported across Kansas and Nebraska

May 11th Severe hail reported in Shimla northern India

May 22nd Intense hailstorm in Paris, 3.9 inch hail reported.


( Link above shows Damage from recent Hail storm)

This list is continuing daily

Hail causes significant crop damage in agricultural areas of the world, there is no real protection from it. With such large ice chunks falling from the sky people and animals are at risk to, especially if you cannot get to cover. Hailstorms are one of the anomalies documented that have lead to crop devastation in past cold times alongside unprecedented rains. We will see a greater number of these events in the coming years, it will be a new theme. So dramatic and recurring are hail storms now that Hail damage insurance is being withdrawn from farmers in North America. This leaves farmers exposed and unable to recoup any losses due to such violent and damaging events.

The winter of 2017/2018 globally is now in the history books for breaking thousands of cold temperatures in the Northern hemisphere, even as I write this now into summer of 2018 cold temperatures and snowfall are breaking records. It is the cold temperature records that are being broken dramatically within the last decade globally and yet the global warming agenda keeps pushing fraudulent edited data to obfuscate the truth from humanity, even as Arctic ice thickness starts to exceed decade long averages into June 2018. The reports on sea ice extent are misleading and we should be focusing more on the fact that as the sea ice thickens, so it will take longer to melt and leave a much shortened period to pass through the Arctic by boat and these signs are markers of Glacial periods not retreat.  This window of passage is decreasing and ships are getting stuck more frequently. The Greenland Ice sheet according to The Danish Meteorological Society, is above the normal mean as shown below. So why are we still being fed the global warming lie?

The rapidly shifting climate patterns are straying so far now from what we have all become so used to in the last recent warm period prior to the 21st Century and which ended by the year 2000. The anomalies are growing and we should be paying attention, no government is capable of telling the truth and prior warning for such an event in time would lead to mass panic, certainly in the eyes of the powers that shouldn’t be. The jet-streams which regulate stable warm climates are fluctuating wildly and are a symptomatic result of a changing and volatile Earth. We should pay attention. As the Jet streams change and duck south much further than normal they can take cooler air further south toward the equator and vice versa taking warmer air further north than normal.

As shown in the picture below, we are now experiencing meridional flow jet streams. This is the reason for the prolonged heat we are experiencing in the 2018 summer.

Expect a wet weekend

Monday Feb 19th Mount Sinabung, Indonesia violently erupted ejecting 1.6million cubic metres of debris into the atmosphere. Sinabung is a Stratovolcano meaning it has the force to eject material into the upper atmosphere, leading to an affect on the climate depending on how big the blast is.

The debris from this eruption reportedly reached 55,000ft. The particulates and sulphur reaching what we know to be the stratosphere has the negative affect of helping to reduce sunlight upon Earth. As previously mentioned about Mount Tambora and its effect from eruption in 1815, Volcanic increases add to the decline of stable periods. Its interesting to note how many large eruptions have occurred in the past at points of solar decline and correlate well with reduced sunspot activity. There is a noticeable up tick in the amount of volcanic activity in the last 10 years. This escalation is rapidly increasing as the Sun is now entering a hibernation period known as the Modern Eddy minimum. Mount Sinabung is one over 100 active volcanoes in Indonesia and it became active in 2010 after hundreds of years laying dormant.

Shinmodaeke, Ambae, Bardabunga, Mount Io, Gaua volcano, Stromboli, Kilauea, Ibu, Merapi, Agung, Mayon, Dukono, Ebeko, Sabancaya, Popocatepetl, Reventador, Fuego, Turrialba, Piton de la Fournaise..

Including all of these Volcanoes 15 more are recording a noticeable up-tick in activity with some reporting explosive and destructive consequences as we have seen in the media in recent times and also others that are just not being reported on.

We can explain the possible reasons for volcanoes awakening using science and measurements in galactic space weather.

As the Suns activity declines and approaches its minimum so does its magnetic field which decreases solar winds. In reaction to this the Magnetosphere that shields Earth from harmful cosmic rays is also in decline. The recent modern rate of decline of Earth’s shield is 5% per decade and we have already lost 15% in two hundred years to 2015. What scientists originally thought to be a decline relative to 100 years has now rapidly increased into a 5% decline every 10 years.

As our Magnetosphere loses its strength it fails defend us from highly charged particles it would have otherwise prevented, not only electromagnetic discharge from the sun but also the galaxy at large. As these particles enter Earth’s atmosphere they pass through us, animals and penetrate Rock. In doing so they actively excite and possibly alter anything that is electromagnetic in nature. We now know that seismic activity can be electrical in nature and in being so the newly introduced particles further agitate and help increase Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions especially magma rich in silica. As a result of increased cosmic radiation within our atmosphere all life is being affected without the Earth’s natural global defence system, the magnetosphere.

Stratospheric radiation is increasing as shown in measurements below:

( Source, spaceweather.com)

As we can see the increase in upper atmosphere radiation is happening rapidly and is correlating well with the decreased activity of the sun. As solar wind declines unable to push aside dangerous cosmic rays from entering the Earth, the increase is intensifying within the atmosphere.

As of June 2018 we are at a new Cosmic Ray maximum.

According to Spaceweather.com boarding a plane travelling at 25,000 ft exposes passengers to 10x the radiation at sea level and a plane travelling at 40,000 ft as most commercial flights do, is closer to 50x than at sea level.

Possibly within the next couple of decades commercial flight travel will simply become to dangerous for us, this may happen even sooner. Space flight, forget about it. The shielding required to travel into space will be cost prohibitive and I believe not possible considering the biological effects on astronauts and the high exposure to radiation. NASA has stated that since 1950 cosmic ray intensity has increased by 19%.

The Suns magnetic field wards off highly charged and dangerous particles from outside the solar system, as the Sun decreases in activity through its natural cycle it will cease to prevent the dangers from arriving here along with all the other forces at play mentioned in these articles. As the Earth’s magnetosphere wanes in response to the sun and its cycles, an increase in cosmic rays penetrate the atmosphere creating aerosols. This induces cloud nucleation, cloud seeding and creating more clouds. More clouds equal more record rain and record snowfall. If more clouds are created then what is known as the albedo effect increases. This is where light surfaces reflect more heat than dark surfaces, leading to further cooling of the planet.

We should stop here.

And marvel at this, if for only one brief moment, to understand this and see it occur in our lifetime shows us that we and everything in this Universe has always been connected in some unexplained and magical way to the Sun and the Galaxy at large. We now have the science to better understand this massive star in the Milky Way and all the planetary movements that have guided us humans and all species on Earth to where we are today. We are electromagnetic energy and everything around us is energy manifested into different forms, The Sun and galactic energy speaks to us and has an unseen language, so does the energy of the Universe at large by ejecting charged particles across millions of miles of space, until at certain periods in time this Earth allows more of the energetic language to interact with the Earthly plain and whatever lifeforms are existing in that time frame.

Just sit and contemplate this……We now live in the most interesting of times that we should be observing, not ignoring and certainly we should be preparing for. All civilisations revered the Sun in some form or another, magnificent structures have been built in testament to it, carvings and teachings regarding its power have been etched into human life since time immemorial. The magnitude of its power should not be underestimated especially when we talk about climate changes. The cycles of nations rising and falling have been played out many times, yet the underlying common theme rarely investigated by our history books, is how natural cycle variations within the Sun has affected and driven every human step since we were born into this world.

We now have the capacity to measure and recognise the energy interaction with nature and life here on Earth, we are in my belief as Robert Felix cited in his book, witnessing a new leap in our evolutionary process, which is occurring rapidly not as we are still being told over vast distances of time. Long evolutionary processes and the idea of them simply adhere to Darwinism that was solely adopted as a form of control and convenient explanation.

We are in a time of excessive water, horrendous floods are plaguing the Earth to devastating affect. It is the downpours and excessive out of season rain and wild variations in weather systems that will be the killer of crops globally first. We have seen this increase in the last decade. Flash floods on every continent even in major cities and particularly at harvest times for many farmers. Yet while many are under water so to we are seeing longer spells of drought at critical times of crop production and the growing requirements of feeding and watering many farmed animals. The footage and reports around the globe are akin to biblical proportions, perhaps certainly for many a deluge is upon us once again. We are seeing rain replenish century old dry river beds in Afghanistan and surrounding desert areas are potentially building lakes again. The abandoned structures buried in sand will see water once again as they were in flourishing times of antiquity, they were not always the arid and desolate places they have become. All landscapes change, they never stay the same. After cyclical climatic changes driven by the sun these ancient civilisations dried up in essence, perishing into the Earth leaving only stone and sometimes language as a sign of their existence. We are seeing excessive Rainfall in Japan, The city of Uwajima Sunday 8th July 2018 received over 14 inches of rain in just two hours. The scale of the disaster covering many other areas of Japan is being compared to the large Earthquake of 2011. Many other countries are experiencing the same and volatile weather patterns that have been documented in the past at exact timings of low sunspot activity.

It is the sun and its relationship with the Earth that has been the primary driver for humanity since the start of civilisation as we know it. The sun has allowed us to thrive, and in the end is the master who takes it all away as if to wipe the slate clean and start new once again.

This knowledge for me personally helps to explain the awareness and raised consciousness within humanity in modern times. It is a possible link and grand catalyst for the development of human thought and consciousness, one in which many of us have now found a deep respect for all life on Earth, in turn helping to manifest some more meaningful existence. We are realising that perhaps we are not the slaves systems want us to think we are, just maybe we have been pushing the boundaries within modern history as a result of increased cosmic ray particles that are initiating change within us to ready us for a new evolutionary leap of sorts.

Sounds far out, I know. I am aware of this believe me.

As the Earth potentially descends into a new glacial period so to will many lifeforms ascend and leap into new forms of life through the process of genetic mutation and the interaction of an increasing cosmic ray flux situation. This has happened at every point in history when a glacial period occurs, larger lifeforms become extinct and in doing so new mutated creatures spring forth to inhabit a new and altered world. From the old to the new in the grandest of tricks, with no in-betweeners. All of this driven by the sun, the Earth’s relationship to it & the interstellar dust of the Universe, or as some would say

“ the hand of God” .

I have also become aware that many of us know this is coming, myself included. Carried in our Dna is the memory of our ancestors and the same fate that bestowed them is soon to be upon us, we are certainly returning to a Dalton Minimum event at least. We are close to midnight.

97% of our Dna has laid dormant, awaiting perhaps for such an event to reawaken at least some of it, much like the dormant volcanoes around the world that have been igniting back to life in the last decade. This subject could be perceived as a laughable end of the world scenario, It will not be. The world will carry on and heal, yet for us its not possible to answer how humanity will cope with our modern convenient minds and our inability to prepare for when times are bad.

My grandparents used to harvest through to autumn and then fill their basement with fermented and pickled foods, jams and edibles that would keep the entire winter until next years harvest came to replenish. We save little for winters now, do you?

We believe in the fragile system of a 3 day delivery convenience culture that we have allowed to assimilate into our modern lives. If we fail to plan ahead, many will surely perish.

As I write this my intention is not to dwell on any negative aspect of such a scenario but to learn, so that I and others may be prepared to understand that this world is ever changing, always has been and always will be. The Constants placed upon societies in the 20th Century and the concepts of linear time and how we govern our daily lives by it, will be thrown into disarray. We should be preparing our minds for this.

The media is in damage control globally over the continued reporting of solar minimum anomalies , it continues to spew like Kilauea, its hot molten lava is the dogma it feeds the masses dismissing any connection between recent volcanic events and drowning out those that are connecting the dots. We are prevented by learning from our historical mistakes because of multi trillion dollar industries pushing their agendas, this is leading us to be unprepared and also ill equipping the future children of the diminished Sun who will have to live under the absence of warmth and abundant food that we see today, certainly in the northern hemisphere and at least several decades of hardship. The last 200yrs has seen the most favourable conditions for the enormous expansions in agriculture, that we all take for granted. The developments in technology to assist crop production and harvesting has superseded anything witnessed before on Earth yet the scale at which we can produce now is under threat from mechanisms bigger than any living sole has ever seen.

We easily and naively think that this abundance we have today will carry on forever as a continuance whereby the next generation will have just as much time to be as intellectually lazy as we are and that the cheap entertainments of western societies and its circus will simply evolve into a technological playground to be enjoyed as much as they are today. I fear they will not and that time will show us how fragile the current unsustainable system really is. We rely far to much on external sources for our survival, the centralised power grid is built on a house of cards that has shown signs of stress in many developed western countries and is not capable of supplying such demand in the future.

For sometime now my sub conscious has been displaying off grid living to be the answer. This is how folk survived in the past and it will be the way to survive the future to. Cities will run dry just as they have before with major climatic changes toppling great and vast empires in the same way every single time for the last 4000 years.

This time it will be our turn. Yet we could be more prepared than any society ever before, we have the information if we choose to look at it and learn that will help save Billions and even teach us to thrive and be resilient like we once were….

Peace to all.


To understand the fraud behind global warming, this interview with Dr. Tim Ball should be listened to below and subsequently his book read on the topic “ Human caused global warming, The biggest deception in History”


further resources can be found below, carry out your due diligence!

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The Link below provides insight into the Earths magnetic field, where we are now and where it is possibly leading.


Dr. Ole. Humlum


Dr. Roy Spencer



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