I had an interesting conversation with an old friend today, and the topic was cannabis. Its on everybody’s lips since Rick Simpson gave to the world his discoveries all those years ago now. Its in the media, its out of the media, like a rollercoaster story machine of green increasing the awareness of humans all over the land for this prohibited Honey.

It works, we know it works there are documented results spanning the last 50 years of medical study and there are the recent media explosions from around the globe praising its effectiveness against chronic disease and an abundance of testimonials that should not be ignored.

Now i’d like to add that I am in favour of medicinal cannabis use, hell i’m also in favour of the removal of prohibition so that it may be used recreationally for adults in anyway each individual seems fit to consume it. Prohibition and legislation toward a plant with such an impeccable safety record, I believe is a most insane and immoral action provided by the powers that shouldn’t be. Its prohibition by many governments is still a century old controlling agenda that has nothing to do with protecting the public and any health concerns that may have once been invented.

As we got talking further the not uncommon direction turned to “ where can I get it?”

“How do I make it” and “ what about cbd oil”?

For the purposes of this article i’d like to point out that Cbd oil is not the same as Cannabis oil. They serve different purposes and treat effectively different ailments. In their own rights used in accordance with what their known capabilities are very useful for differing illnesses.

As this article and recent conversation is in reference to Cancer healing, I will point out that Cbd oil will not cure or heal cancer. At the least it may offer some minor help in managing the symptoms, yet is not powerful enough of a concentration to make a worthy dent toward treating cancer. A potent medicinal oil for the use in combating cancer must have the psychoactive element included, the THC which gets you high, unlike Cbd oil which is devoid of this.

The Thc ( Tetra hydro cannbinol )is one therapeutic part of proper Cannabis oil that is required and is necessary for the effective treatment of chronic disease. The stories in the media would have used this type of oil to get the results that have been reported.

Now, I’ll explain my problem with using cannabis oil.

In the first instance the far majority of folk are actually let down by cannabis as they turn to cannabis based on the hysteria created in the media and almost always as a last resort. Very much like many natural medicines, Seeking the golden flower and cure all drug that they have read about or a family member has read or heard or watched some short clip or film praising its wondrous and seemingly easy administration. Turning to a medium as a last resort and predisposed of fear and panic, its not remotely possible to make rational decisions with these emotions running wild and time effectively running out. Because we live in a realm of prohibition it is inherently confusing as to where to source such an elxir with the attached oddity of being caught by the fuzz with said drug could actually land you in a cell as a criminal…( head in my hands as I write this, a criminal for wanting to cure a disease! )


where do you buy it from? How do you know the quality of the ingredients? What strains were used to make it? How much raw ingredients went into the oil? What chemicals were used?

Unless you can find a reliable source that you trust the flood gates are opened for exploitation, having said this of course there are folk out there helping the right way and are making and sourcing good quality oil. Yet far too many fall victim to high cash demands for a product that has no precedence or equal effectiveness against treating Cancer.

The fact of the matter is that making it yourself can land you in sorts of trouble too, as a previous grower albeit small quantities it takes an enormous amount of your time and dedication to get it right and consistently so. Really for a medicine that takes 90 days start to finish for any novice grower and then to process the final product is a difficult endeavour. You need 16oz or 1 pound of raw cannabis to provide an adequate amount of finished oil to make a measurable difference in treating cancer. Don’t be put off by this article, if you think you can do it then do it, anything is possible yet the associated risks are just to much for people, understandably..

My other gripe with the Cannabis phenomena is that people take the convenience Pharma culture of a pill to cure and place it upon a singular remedy elsewhere, as if by magic just the cannabis and cannabis alone will surely cure. Its not this simple and for many reasons to. In many cases reported in the media it was not just the cannabis that cured or healed all the folk miraculously, they changed to. They changed what they ate, how they lived, what they washed in, what they cleaned with, the chemicals they used in their home and even the simple action of an action. To take responsibility of your own health has a positive vibration toward your well being which will aid in the mental and also manifest in the physical.

Its not one thing that cures, it is the many actions and facets of knowledge that get us to our goals the fastest.

So does Cannabis cure Cancer? Sure it does yet is it an effective method for everybody considering it is still illegal? I don’t believe it is and like I said to my pal you can make powerful changes and start to heal immediately by knowing what to buy from a local health store today. Sure get cannabis if you can or have a family member who is suffering from cancer and are being failed by conventional treatments, yet know that its not the only thing you can throw at Cancer and to be honest I would regard it much further down the line than a plant based diet. This is by far the most effective way of treating Cancers and the least known about method within the mainstream as Gp’s and oncologists have no known associated nutritional training, which quite frankly is shocking. They treat like a blinkered horse and are unable to see the beauty nature provides in the cities parks as they all trot on down the byway, with masters directing them upon the saddle they still wear from the 7 years of Pharmaceutical funded training schemes. How have we let them get away with it all?

So, plant based diets, stop eating meat, no sugar. Stop drinking tap water, coffee and tea. Go organic if you can. READ, READ,READ.

High Vitamin C doses, High vitamin D doses, Drink Barley grass, Wheat grass.

Take Turmeric with pepper to aid absorption, Vitamin B17.

Juicing, fasting, eating Raw.



Cannabis could be a wonder-drug, yet for this realm still while we have corrupt masters ruling the land I will struggle to call it that. Many have and it has served many well yet the UK is failing its people with its outdated Laws and restrictions that should be removed immediately.

Do not be fooled by the recent articles stating that medicinal cannabis is now available on the NHS or even will be in the near future. This is the agenda. It is and will be derivatives of Cannabis, synthetic versions of and GMO strains in the frame.

Cannabis is an answer yet not the only answer, if used it should form part of a holistic approach that treats the entire body that aids in the removal of toxins and a diet that promotes nutritional excellence.

Cancer is your body simply telling you that it is tired of everything you are feeding it.

Change your diet, heal the body.