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Safety obsession and the tyrannical threat

Society can be turned into fools at the drop of a hat, condemning themselves and those around them in favour of supporting political demi gods which many believe will save them. We have been here before throughout history and yet seems incredible that it can happen again considering the expansion of human consciousness post world […]

The evidence is out there, are you paying attention?

Now is the time to learn, it is only our programmed perceptions that prevent us from seeing what’s going on. This nonsense narrative provided by world governments can be stopped if we morph back into humans, instead of being scared sheep and following the herd to our doom. Watch below and learn that fear is […]

The door to tyranny is wide open

I cannot help to think, thinking is our inalienable right as human beings, like freedom of speech. To be told “you think too much” in spite of what has happened around the world in 52 weeks is a dismissive insult to ones own intelligence. Sayings like this and “ “ you’re too opinionated” is a […]

We are scientists

Guest blog by John.M Science just like spiritual belief is the right of each one of us to explore and participate throughout life. They both offer a perspective of life, a way of comprehending and understanding the world around us. Just as spiritual religion was tainted and distorted to benefit the few and leave the […]

The Power of the Sun

Guest blog by John. M The climate of Earth has been in constant flux, ever since its beginnings, it has been in a constant ebb and flow with the Sun. This relationship has defined the rise and fall of all civilizations. And many of these have worshipped the sun as a god. I always have […]

The real climate denial

So many have been caught in the headlights of the climate change narrative and are utterly convinced in the warming argument, that we are to blame and if we do nothing then catastrophe will strike us down all based on a Co2 theory that does not stand up to scrutiny. The establishment has fully embraced […]

Thinking for ourselves

Don’t you just love wearing a face nappy and following arrows around a shop? It seems that drama is what we thrive on and the inconsistent narrative is setting off far to few alarm bells in peoples heads. The introduction of muzzles to be worn in public places is not to stifle the virus from […]

Corona Update

This Covid-19 entanglement within society today in the 21st Century is a distraction and the real motive behind the drive and has nothing to do with a virus at all. There exists a tangible conflict of interest with too many involved in the unsubstantiated claims that echo in repetition for all 7.5billion humans to hear. […]

The nightmare continues

A global genocide is happening today in 2020, we either see it or we don’t. Those paralyzed with fear today in the west supporting the oppressors in their actions are playing a part in a much bigger problem than this non pandemic virus. I don’t think this world has ever seen such an incredible feat […]

A Doctors Voice

Credible dispute and criticism is growing, educated professionals are confirming and echoing what I have maintained from the start. The information is all there in plain sight for anybody to investigate themselves. An unprecedented amount of people are having way too much time on their hands and treating this period like an extended holiday with […]

The numbers Game

If you calculate the numbers of fatalities just per region it’s possible to recognise that the threat of Covid-19 to the populace is limited to values which do not warrant a lockdown. It is also noticeable that a lockdown has limited affect and in reality is causing more harm to peoples lives than the virus […]

The Paradigm shift

we are living through a Lock-down of society and the fabric of our once relatively free lives has changed in an instant. From my experience it seems people are connecting with each other on a new level of consciousness rising from the ashes of the old world. whilst still so many are caught up in […]

Covid-19… Come in… Covid-19…Are you reading me?

The effect and current global hysteria surrounding the Covid-19 outbreak is far worse than the virus itself. It’s timely recognition as a global threat is the narrative that has been adopted to cover up the existing decline in global food production, the enormity of crop losses on all continents and a new game of exquisitely […]

Numerology – The mystical language of numbers

Numerology – The Mystical Language of Numbers   Many among us confuse numerology with math. Since ancient times, it has proved a close companion to astrology. Due to his intellectual curiosity, man has always dwelled in the mystical realms of numbers and planets to comprehend their influence on an individual’s life. The universe operates on […]

Wildfires, It’s all our fault!

This post should be of particular interest to my friends in Australia and those that are interested in the true historical recordings of the past regarding climate changing cycles. The information posted here comes straight from the Actuaries Summit held in Sydney back in 2013, prepared by Brent Walker called The New Grand Minimum. A […]

Remembrance of lies and social programming

To understand why WWI was initiated and eventually fought, we have to throw out the last 100 years of propaganda which many historical books have formed the basis of their stories on. A great deal of important information has been omitted from many history books about War and early onset propaganda campaigns has led many […]

Greenland Hysteria

The Greenland ice sheet is not melting to a catastrophic extent, contrary to belief Greenland has experienced record mass gain since late August 2019. The DMI ( Danish meteorological institute) has over 20 stations spread out across Greenland which records daily accumulations and losses throughout the year. The information they gather is accessible to everyone […]

Tax doesn’t have to be taxing

      If you knew there was no real Law to pay income tax, and that we all volunteer to pay tax. Would you still continue to do so?   I wonder how many people know that income tax was invented and imposed upon the nation to help fund the Napoleonic War? I didn’t […]

Northern Hemisphere winter 2019 Cold Headlines breaking records

October 2018 -March 8th 2019 Northern Hemisphere Winter Headlines.   Below is a compilation of winter headlines, there are many more, yet for the purposes of this post i have only included these. I have also left out of the mix the unusual warming recorded in the month of February 2019 experienced in the UK. […]