Striking At The Root


I started this website so that friends, family and all folk from around the world can find resources that may educate us from the darkness into the light once more. I have lots to say about upcoming events globally and the ongoing battle to break long held dogmatic beliefs so that we may all prosper, prepare and thrive on this land.

I have spent many years learning, reading and experiencing this incredible world we live in. Much I have learnt goes against the grain of mainstream conformity and my purpose is the pursuit of truth and to share what I have learnt so that others can draw their own conclusions. I am interested in a wealth of subjects, many of which have become hard to research yet I will present them on this site. I have life experiences and observations under my belt, i’m not trying to be anything other than a human being willing to question everything.

Most of the subjects I am interested in are not popular or convenient yet most if not all can lead to empowering ourselves with knowledge and the art of knowing this reality for what it really is, a lie for most part yet still filled with wonder, vibrancy and miracles.

My observations today have a fundamental basis in known sciences, yet many are simply not popular with the mainstream rhetoric.  We can dispel myths to empower ourselves with consciousness, carrying out our due diligence and always learning.  If you love awareness, learning and raising your consciousness then you’ll feel right at home here.

Big Love.