Credible dispute and criticism is growing, educated professionals are confirming and echoing what I have maintained from the start. The information is all there in plain sight for anybody to investigate themselves. An unprecedented amount of people are having way too much time on their hands and treating this period like an extended holiday with the skewed view that normality will return sometime soon. We could all be using this time to understand how this world really works, we don’t have the daily noises which have surrounded us all for so long now distracting our focus and attention.

Learn, read, dispute and protest through the empowerment of your own mind in understanding not just believing..

We are all worth more than we think. Know this.

Dr. Dan Erickson working in Bakersfield California had these comments to make in an interview:

This video has now been Banned and taken down by You Tube.   The Censorship on truth is rapidly escalating.

However, it can still be watched on the Daily Mail website below.