This Covid-19 entanglement within society today in the 21st Century is a distraction and the real motive behind the drive and has nothing to do with a virus at all. There exists a tangible conflict of interest with too many involved in the unsubstantiated claims that echo in repetition for all 7.5billion humans to hear. How many of us know about Event 201? How many of us know that the Bill And Melinda gates Foundation has invested and influenced the institutes responsible for pushing the wild claims regarding the lethality of this Coronavirus?  Climate change was losing it’s grip and the absurd claims were wearing thin, thanks to this event even more free cash is being pumped into green initiatives. How many of us know there is a justified opposition to government measures which come from Academic professionals the world over with decades of experience? and yet are continually ignored by the establishment and those of us paralysed by fear.

All human beings today cannot continue to live in fear of each other under this illusion, this grossly exaggerated boundary that has been thrust upon us requires us all to scrutinise the current damaging narrative based outside of science and firmly in favour of hysteria which is now out of hand. Too many have willingly accepted these boundaries into there behaviour, a result of handing our power away to those who seek control over every facet of our own personal lives, societies have been hypnotised into over night change and are oblivious to the deception. There is more at stake than just the impact of a virus on health which is limited to a small demographic within society,  the financial wrecking ball has swung hard and fast and barely missed a target in all this time, especially independent businesses with many not likely to return, those that do will now carry the burden of financial uncertainty shadowed by a new government loan repayment that few even wanted whilst being forced to not trade.

We have been distracted from our own humanity and the ability to connect with each other on many different levels, freely before this event and yet now saturated with suspicion, the propaganda and threat has been severe and if we do not rise from this amnesiac slumber we will have no freedom left or rights to exercise. Common Sense has been eradicated by one sinister swish of the magicians wand only to be replaced with a tampered factory setting that has turned an alarming percentage of the population into non-thinkers and passive conformists.


Some of the signs i have been photographing in different areas of the south East are ALL completely unnecessary when you realise that we are seeing a low impact virus spreading through the populace and that the numbers have been artificially inflated keeping the bogey man alive at every opportunity.

On a local train station entrance doors, Why clearly a child’s head?…..subtle programming.

All the adults and parents of this world need to understand this blanket ban, based only upon guidelines is to the detriment of us and all children subjected to this paranoid delusional conformity in fear of germs that will elevate to unseen before levels of anxiety.

Just simply more programming for a society unwilling to think for themselves.


businesses are committing self sabotage to their profits by restraining the flow of customers, primarily based on guidelines not science.


If you were experiencing a horrifying nightmare would you continue toward it’s terrifying end, or prefer to wake up and realise it was just a dream?

Unfortunately for us the nightmare has now become this reality, subjecting human lives with a skilful execution that a dictator would be proud of and one attempting to create a regime change to initiate stealth Socialism. It’s imperative to look at the evidence and be critical of the swift changes applied in the first stage of identifying cause of death for this event,  humans have lost their lives during this period whose primary cause of death was not Covid-19 yet has been counted as such,  we are made to think this is normal, it’s not. This is medical fraud and must be considered so, a growing number of hospital staff and qualified doctors are speaking out at the irregularities visible to those on the front-line, there are many scenarios that do not make any sense or correlate to the frightening information bellowing across the digital network.

We have been had, plain and simple, the sooner we get over this and learn to deal with it, the quicker we can dispel this pervasive fear of a low impact epidemiological threat. Had this threat not been hijacked by a pre-planned accompanying narrative we would be seeing far lower fatalities across the world, replacing primary cause of death with Coronavirus to the official numbers has inflated the threat while keeping us hiding in fear or acting out new behavioural patterns within society. Just mentioning Covid-19 on death certificates and using this as the cause of death has gone against decades of medical professionalism, know this. Changing the rules early on for this epidemic has created unreliable statistics and what was necessary to certify cause of death has been discarded, requiring a “mentioning” or “suspected”  Covid-19 to be counted as fact.

From the moment this plan was put into action back in March of this year, the statistics have had an improper input and will continue to do so based on these rapid changes implemented with little protest, just confusion.

All forms of instant regime change within the confines of history books have shown us that these kinds of ideological change need to be fast and swiftly implemented throughout the entire social and economic structures with psychological bombardment,  this event has employed the same tactics used by dictators of the past, now re branded and repackaged and using Coronavirus’s as the mechanism which has transformed the lives of humans in this world in the worse possible way that is insulting to each of us.

We have to wake up and see for ourselves the evidence and recognise the observations we are making daily, no scientific evidence exists that social distancing or being under house arrest has any significant benefit to humans from a coronavirus threat, the CDC has stated there is no benefit of wearing a mask for the fit and healthy and the dismantling of the economy is wholly unnecessary based upon the low threat of this event for the population at large. Wearing masks out in the open is the most insane action you would want to witness on your daily travels and the personalisation of them to make them look less offensive is as bizarre as it is utterly pointless. people have been programmed to think and believe that wearing a mask out in public, in their own car or waiting in some ration line somewhere will save them from death. Masks are reducing oxygen flow by preventing fresh air into your lungs and the side affect of breathing your own carbon dioxide back in,  the restriction of oxygen into your body by a mask is already resulting in some people passing out and dropping like a sack of potatoes.  Those that subject their own fit and healthy children to wearing a face mask for this exaggerated threat need to examine the facts for themselves and realise your actions which can be changed through the art of learning and knowing are essentially a form of child abuse, considering the exceptionally low impact that does not warrant this hideous way of living, I even think many children are realising their parents are stark raving mad in their new founded irrational behaviour.

Collectively we can change this situation and throw this programmed level of anxiety out the window and be certain that there is no reason for a great deal of the mainstream false reporting to exist. Switch off your tell-lie-vision.

The hype and fear provided by the media and government have successfully developed a new way of thinking that does not support the facts available to us, it exudes a type of trickery for the mind that has been perfectly timed to coincide with a global unresistant acceptance from the overwhelming majority of minds today. This can be Changed and no that fear is the greatest liar. Stopping this irrational behaviour in favour of critical thinking is crucial if we are to avert the destruction of our lives in the present and for all children’s future in this world.

Be critical, question everything.