Guest blog by John. M

The climate of Earth has been in constant flux, ever since its beginnings, it has been in a constant ebb and flow with the Sun. This relationship has defined the rise and fall of all civilizations. And many of these have worshipped the sun as a god. I always have admired the sun, In wonder. I used to practice sun gazing, an old ancient practice, which the Egyptians used to connect with their gods. I had never really fully appreciated the power and importance of the sun until I started growing food. It can giveth and taketh away!

The power of the sun is vastly underplayed for the past century. ‘Make hay while the sun shines’ is about harvest time and the celebration of the connection of food and the sun. Our Sun, apart from producing heat and light for every life on Earth, it even influences the clouds and rain that then falls, the weather systems and jet streams, hail and snow and even such events as earthquakes and volcanoes. The benefits of our sun include warm and stable food growing conditions, vitamin d supplementation and that feel good feeling, we all get when we feel the sun on our skin. It provides plants with the ability to photosynthesise and recycle our carbon into oxygen and also capture some of that carbon into the soil, which enables the soil biome to stay rich and biodiverse.

However, the sun isn’t in a stable state, despite what you may know. It is in constant flux through the magnetic connection or coupling with our Earth and through its larger connection to the galactic sheet. The driver of the Earths behaviour and potentially human behaviour; the sun, and its relationship to the solar system, galactic sheet and its filament connection with other solar systems, is and has always played the central role in determining the fortunes and failings of societies and civilizations. Earth, with the Sun, is in a constant cyclical motion, cycles upon cycles, and cycles within cycles.

The History of the Sun is written in the scriptures of many ancient civilizations and religious movements. It is observable within nature and now, with the advancement in cosmology, we can explore and explain the mechanisms of our star in a rational and understandable way. The astronomers of this world have gazed upon the night sky since Galileo invented the telescope and looked up toward the stars over 400 years ago. This recorded history enables us to see correlations between sunspots, their cycles and the affect they have here on earth. Weather patterns, temperature, volcanic and seismic activity changes as sunspot numbers rise and fall. NASA and NOAA have been recording the movements of the Sun for many decades now. We are all sun worshippers at heart. To have knowledge of the sun and the power it yields over us and our beautiful Earth, not only enriches our souls but gives us an appreciation for how much we rely on it. It also enables us to understand that, as humans, we have no control over our global climate or any real influence over climatic conditions. It is and can only be, Our SUN that dictates our fate.

By studying the Sun and trying to understand humanity’s historical relationship with it, I have been able to gain a deeper understanding of myself and the importance of becoming self sufficient and an independent, critically thinking human being.

Even after my spiritual journey for 10 years, it has given me even stronger purpose to my life.

Van Morrison protest songs released in November 2020

So many have been caught in the headlights of the climate change narrative and are utterly convinced in the warming argument, that we are to blame and if we do nothing then catastrophe will strike us down all based on a Co2 theory that does not stand up to scrutiny. The establishment has fully embraced the Anthropogenic warming argument and is satisfied in creating further taxation upon Carbon emissions,
restriction upon human movement and a collective rally amongst political ties to join hand in hand with nations for more fighting of things that need not be fought.

The climate non consensus has been greasing its wheels of motion for decades that is now culminating in a frictionless charade of mis-information, scandal and insistent repetitive programming that answers to beliefs not science.
The back-pocket media upholds this now popularised $1.3Trillion industry in order to gain control over the critical thought required to understand fully the implications of a changing and unpredictable climate not caused by the human race, but by the Sun. Selective science is a perfected psychological method that has seeded all our minds for too long now, challenging our passive acceptance and questioning everything is key. The joke will be on us if we do not recognise that the threat of human made climate change is false, the inverse reality academics are observing is showing us something different from the popular narrative, the Earth is cooling & has been for thousands of years. The evidence that supports the length of time, mechanisms and cycles in place to cool an entire world has not always been ignored by science, yet the advent of increasingly funded bias from the 80’s has landed us in the situation of being told the climate emergency is our fault which has nothing to do with science
and everything to do with political will.

Are we allowing our children to be trained into an agenda masquerading as the  definitive truth, one that should not be questioned?. As Governments lay blame on the populace we in turn think aversion of climate change is possible, pollution we can change, reverse the climate we cannot. As an alleged intelligent species we have been fooled into thinking under the “illusion of knowledge” , and that our power can extend to stopping the movements of this universe which have been occurring for hundreds of millions of years.

The actions committed by the increasingly tyrannical systems around the world in 2020 due to the Coronavirus non-pandemic has sped up this natural process by which we will discover the fragility of how we live, if we haven’t already. Further restrictions on human movement will become “ climate lock-downs” for the benefit of the planet, this clever trick manipulates our perspectives offering some obscure
vision of hope in progress by creating contractual agreements we seldom benefit from. Boris has pledged £160million for green deals that on the surface seem like a good idea and yet scratch just below and you will find a hidden cash-cow with increasing constraint payments made to wind farms. These payments are made with public money to reward wind power by switching off. In the last decade of wind power, constraint payments in the UK have totalled £649million, for discarding over 8TWh of electricity. Is this really progress for a modern world?

I can only wonder where we are heading as a species and how the real cooling impact unfolds ultimately affecting us all while we waste precious time preparing for more warmth instead. The Sun’s Cycles have had tremendous influence upon humanity and changing weather patterns, there is sustained and growing evidence that its cyclical path is a telling sign of things to come. It will not be long before we all start to ask the real questions that need answering in the coming decade, the ones that involve the
realisation we have all been led astray by an incredible program leaving us without the necessary tools to overcome the changes that lay ahead, unseen for over two centuries. Humans and Earth are not unfamiliar with extreme changes of climate, it has all been witnessed before, as recently as the “Dalton minimum” (1780-1820) and “ Maunder minimum” (1610-1745), both well documented and yet are still ignored by those who should be seeking truth on our behalf.

the real climate denial

There is a staggering amount of historical records describing similar weather events which we are rapidly witnessing in this modern time, at the same time under funded science is helping us to understand better the connection of multiple variables upon the climate that are vastly greater in significance than the human race, So much historical evidence supports these claims made against institutional corruption. Food inflation is rising and fast, the increases for food items are already taking an upward trend and is merely the start of a crumbling global food network, food crops are vulnerable to the changing elements as are wind farms, solar energy and the current agricultural system employed worldwide which is failing rapidly. The last two years alone are an alarming reminder at just how fragile our food systems have become.

We are now being increasingly distracted from understanding the earth’s past and being critical of well popularised trends, the fault is not ours as we have all been indoctrinated to believe otherwise and are taught to deny ourselves the right to question authority. Whether we like it or not this world will see a coming cold period and with it a later renaissance that will evolve human consciousness, today we simply find ourselves slap bang in the middle of a great shift not caused by human Carbon Dioxide emissions but by the sun. To solve this we first need to understand the real threat and stop wasting our energy and resources on politically motivated agendas that supports the opposite of our known reality. If we do not learn from earth’s history, recognise its importance and expose well funded deceptions then we will all be left in the dark.

Don’t you just love wearing a face nappy and following arrows around a shop? It seems that drama is what we thrive on and the inconsistent narrative is setting off far to few alarm bells in peoples heads. The introduction of muzzles to be worn in public places is not to stifle the virus from spreading but to stifle the mind into thinking wearing one has some benefit against a downgraded virus. In my opinion the mandating of masks is to uphold the threat and make it feel very real so that when you are out we all see a high number of people conforming to unwarranted measures, it does not matter anymore that the threat is not as lethal as we have been led to believe as too many have changed their behaviour and committed mass suicide over our humanity. If wearing pantyliner’s on our face has the ability to control the spread of a virus why was it not introduced far earlier? and why has it’s introduction been timed with a flattened curve where few deaths are now being reported in  the UK?  Seeing children wearing muzzles is the most depressing sight to ever witness in a supposed civilised society, parents need their heads examined for enforcing a fantasy that they pose a threat to other human beings or they themselves are at risk of succumbing to the dreaded cold or even death. Less than 10 children under the age of 14 have died that were linked to Coronavirus in this whole episodic drama and still we have the contagion of anxiety within parents that some terrible danger looms over the heads of children. Where did all the adults go? As children return to school they do so under another great lie and extreme exaggeration of this reality they are growing into, the psychological impact will be enormous and now they have to contend with authoritative figures in the education system putting them in bubbles, keeping distance, wearing muzzles and sanitising themselves sterile . Well done Humans, way to go! 

Those who do not see through this now may never see the world as it really is and when this drama is repeated a second and third time, people who remain ignorant under the illusion of knowledge will still call upon the government for answers.  As new draconian measures are implemented and the freedoms of humanity eroded further we will only have our memories to carry forth in this new and very real dystopian future threat. We are lost in this time and perhaps have been for many years prior to the year 2020 and now the masses have become the missing toddler crying for its mother in the hope it can be saved from this unfamiliar territory. We have a choice to either remain in this theatre for which this world always has been or get up and leave the fantasy of the stage behind, the static shock is too much for some to exit and these poor souls will forever be seated gazing at the stage show as the world crumbles all around them.

In the Borough where I live 206 people have been recorded as losing their lives to Coronavirus, according to the ONS:

Deaths are death registrations where COVID-19 was mentioned on the death certificate

Mentioning Covid and Covid being the primary cause of death are two very different things, yet here we are and going by the figure of 206 deaths in a local population of 183,100 results in a mortality rate of 0.11% for this borough. The next question should be, is this number high enough to warrant the restrictive measures that many are abiding and conforming to?

No is the simple answer.

What about the total figure of deaths recorded in similar ways for the UK, as of 27th August 41,477 people have died in alleged relation to Coronavirus. Now because the way in which these deaths were being reported and challenged by Academics, we saw recently almost 10% of this exaggerated figure disappear overnight. By the admission of this mis reporting and the correction that followed is another sign at how so much of this event is fabricated for the purpose of mind control and fear programming. 41,477 in a total population of 66,850,734 results in a country wide mortality rate of 0.06%. These figures do not represent a Country in crisis yet are now unimportant as the lies have been sold as truth for just long enough to change the face of our lives, literally. A frenzied fever was whipped up back in March and is desperately clinging onto controlling the narrative that is a fairy tale in perpetuation, i can only pity those that uphold the governments actions in creating so much peril that is brushed aside under the guise of our safety. Our safety is a long held motive for governance at initiating any societal changes, we should all consider taking a risk assessment in any dealing with the state to determine if they are safe. What are we all exactly being safe about and at what cost to all who reside on Earth? It was difficult to be a critic at the start of the year, yet now the stones have turned to boulders  catapulted from programmed fellow humans which is the saddest thing to witness in a world that adored its use of senses and gave them up for a lie in the most grotesque way possible. 

Grandparents social distancing from their grandchildren, people not inviting as many people into their homes for special occasions, the elderly more isolated than ever before, families have been divided, people that need treatment now scared to go to hospitals, parents enforcing face covering child abuse, queuing for everything, businesses still shut and many not to return, not being able to travel abroad and breathe some down time into your life, following arrows, traffic light systems, social distancing, hand sanitiser stations…..We must ask ourselves why, where is the threat?

The hypnosis performed on society has happened rapidly and is genius in it’s fashion, this disaster perpetrated by script followers is the culmination of a century old mind control technique. Perfected throughout the last half of the 20th Century in gaining the masses trust in authority, an authority that has come to dissolve our ability to think for ourselves and has always sought to enslave the minds of many and silence those in dissent of a corrupt system. Can you get up out of the conformists seat knowing the threat is not real? What if you had a choice to avert a calamity?

This event has never been a Pandemic under it’s true definition and even since the 19th March 2020 was declassified as such, link here:

It is our illusion of knowledge that has led us to this outcome and represents a very dangerous path for humanity to follow, thinking that we know what is happening in this reality by listening and reading to the mainstream repetition is a worse scenario than simply being ignorant. The delusion within society today has enabled most to passively accept that our nanny state is correct in it’s conclusions and imposing measures, guidelines and recommendations. Our ego’s and perceptions of this world keep us all in bondage, there is no crisis. The continued referral of the term Pandemic has no basis in truth and is a lie peddled upon those that have given up their right to think critically, many have acted forged on the merits of mis information. This reality is something other than we have been led to believe of each other, it is the admittance that everything we have been told is a lie which is too much for some to even entertain. This rugged path we have now committed to has been collectively agreed upon, primarily formed from propaganda and collusion run by state sponsored programs that have rewired our train of thought in favour of a despotic new realm of tyranny for the 21st Century, the question is will you be one of the growing number of human beings in this world today educated or not that is seeing with their eyes open and have the courage to wake up from this ensuing nightmare?

Be that human, we all need you!

This Covid-19 entanglement within society today in the 21st Century is a distraction and the real motive behind the drive and has nothing to do with a virus at all. There exists a tangible conflict of interest with too many involved in the unsubstantiated claims that echo in repetition for all 7.5billion humans to hear. How many of us know about Event 201? How many of us know that the Bill And Melinda gates Foundation has invested and influenced the institutes responsible for pushing the wild claims regarding the lethality of this Coronavirus?  Climate change was losing it’s grip and the absurd claims were wearing thin, thanks to this event even more free cash is being pumped into green initiatives. How many of us know there is a justified opposition to government measures which come from Academic professionals the world over with decades of experience? and yet are continually ignored by the establishment and those of us paralysed by fear.

All human beings today cannot continue to live in fear of each other under this illusion, this grossly exaggerated boundary that has been thrust upon us requires us all to scrutinise the current damaging narrative based outside of science and firmly in favour of hysteria which is now out of hand. Too many have willingly accepted these boundaries into there behaviour, a result of handing our power away to those who seek control over every facet of our own personal lives, societies have been hypnotised into over night change and are oblivious to the deception. There is more at stake than just the impact of a virus on health which is limited to a small demographic within society,  the financial wrecking ball has swung hard and fast and barely missed a target in all this time, especially independent businesses with many not likely to return, those that do will now carry the burden of financial uncertainty shadowed by a new government loan repayment that few even wanted whilst being forced to not trade.

We have been distracted from our own humanity and the ability to connect with each other on many different levels, freely before this event and yet now saturated with suspicion, the propaganda and threat has been severe and if we do not rise from this amnesiac slumber we will have no freedom left or rights to exercise. Common Sense has been eradicated by one sinister swish of the magicians wand only to be replaced with a tampered factory setting that has turned an alarming percentage of the population into non-thinkers and passive conformists.


Some of the signs i have been photographing in different areas of the south East are ALL completely unnecessary when you realise that we are seeing a low impact virus spreading through the populace and that the numbers have been artificially inflated keeping the bogey man alive at every opportunity.

On a local train station entrance doors, Why clearly a child’s head?…..subtle programming.

All the adults and parents of this world need to understand this blanket ban, based only upon guidelines is to the detriment of us and all children subjected to this paranoid delusional conformity in fear of germs that will elevate to unseen before levels of anxiety.

Just simply more programming for a society unwilling to think for themselves.


businesses are committing self sabotage to their profits by restraining the flow of customers, primarily based on guidelines not science.


If you were experiencing a horrifying nightmare would you continue toward it’s terrifying end, or prefer to wake up and realise it was just a dream?

Unfortunately for us the nightmare has now become this reality, subjecting human lives with a skilful execution that a dictator would be proud of and one attempting to create a regime change to initiate stealth Socialism. It’s imperative to look at the evidence and be critical of the swift changes applied in the first stage of identifying cause of death for this event,  humans have lost their lives during this period whose primary cause of death was not Covid-19 yet has been counted as such,  we are made to think this is normal, it’s not. This is medical fraud and must be considered so, a growing number of hospital staff and qualified doctors are speaking out at the irregularities visible to those on the front-line, there are many scenarios that do not make any sense or correlate to the frightening information bellowing across the digital network.

We have been had, plain and simple, the sooner we get over this and learn to deal with it, the quicker we can dispel this pervasive fear of a low impact epidemiological threat. Had this threat not been hijacked by a pre-planned accompanying narrative we would be seeing far lower fatalities across the world, replacing primary cause of death with Coronavirus to the official numbers has inflated the threat while keeping us hiding in fear or acting out new behavioural patterns within society. Just mentioning Covid-19 on death certificates and using this as the cause of death has gone against decades of medical professionalism, know this. Changing the rules early on for this epidemic has created unreliable statistics and what was necessary to certify cause of death has been discarded, requiring a “mentioning” or “suspected”  Covid-19 to be counted as fact.

From the moment this plan was put into action back in March of this year, the statistics have had an improper input and will continue to do so based on these rapid changes implemented with little protest, just confusion.

All forms of instant regime change within the confines of history books have shown us that these kinds of ideological change need to be fast and swiftly implemented throughout the entire social and economic structures with psychological bombardment,  this event has employed the same tactics used by dictators of the past, now re branded and repackaged and using Coronavirus’s as the mechanism which has transformed the lives of humans in this world in the worse possible way that is insulting to each of us.

We have to wake up and see for ourselves the evidence and recognise the observations we are making daily, no scientific evidence exists that social distancing or being under house arrest has any significant benefit to humans from a coronavirus threat, the CDC has stated there is no benefit of wearing a mask for the fit and healthy and the dismantling of the economy is wholly unnecessary based upon the low threat of this event for the population at large. Wearing masks out in the open is the most insane action you would want to witness on your daily travels and the personalisation of them to make them look less offensive is as bizarre as it is utterly pointless. people have been programmed to think and believe that wearing a mask out in public, in their own car or waiting in some ration line somewhere will save them from death. Masks are reducing oxygen flow by preventing fresh air into your lungs and the side affect of breathing your own carbon dioxide back in,  the restriction of oxygen into your body by a mask is already resulting in some people passing out and dropping like a sack of potatoes.  Those that subject their own fit and healthy children to wearing a face mask for this exaggerated threat need to examine the facts for themselves and realise your actions which can be changed through the art of learning and knowing are essentially a form of child abuse, considering the exceptionally low impact that does not warrant this hideous way of living, I even think many children are realising their parents are stark raving mad in their new founded irrational behaviour.

Collectively we can change this situation and throw this programmed level of anxiety out the window and be certain that there is no reason for a great deal of the mainstream false reporting to exist. Switch off your tell-lie-vision.

The hype and fear provided by the media and government have successfully developed a new way of thinking that does not support the facts available to us, it exudes a type of trickery for the mind that has been perfectly timed to coincide with a global unresistant acceptance from the overwhelming majority of minds today. This can be Changed and no that fear is the greatest liar. Stopping this irrational behaviour in favour of critical thinking is crucial if we are to avert the destruction of our lives in the present and for all children’s future in this world.

Be critical, question everything.

A global genocide is happening today in 2020, we either see it or we don’t. Those paralyzed with fear today in the west supporting the oppressors in their actions are playing a part in a much bigger problem than this non pandemic virus. I don’t think this world has ever seen such an incredible feat of ingenuity to dumb down society from the few.   I hold my head in my hands at the wonder of how easy it was to fool people yet again. Shame on us all if we do not wake up and see through the hysterical claims that are the real pandemic amongst the minds of modern humans.



Coronavirus: you’ve been brainwashed



Lockdown not the virus is killing millions

Credible dispute and criticism is growing, educated professionals are confirming and echoing what I have maintained from the start. The information is all there in plain sight for anybody to investigate themselves. An unprecedented amount of people are having way too much time on their hands and treating this period like an extended holiday with the skewed view that normality will return sometime soon. We could all be using this time to understand how this world really works, we don’t have the daily noises which have surrounded us all for so long now distracting our focus and attention.

Learn, read, dispute and protest through the empowerment of your own mind in understanding not just believing..

We are all worth more than we think. Know this.

Dr. Dan Erickson working in Bakersfield California had these comments to make in an interview:

This video has now been Banned and taken down by You Tube.   The Censorship on truth is rapidly escalating.

However, it can still be watched on the Daily Mail website below.

If you calculate the numbers of fatalities just per region it’s possible to recognise that the threat of Covid-19 to the populace is limited to values which do not warrant a lockdown. It is also noticeable that a lockdown has limited affect and in reality is causing more harm to peoples lives than the virus ever could. The reaction from Government is a flex of muscular power in furthering the control of the minds of humanity. The numbers speak for themselves and anybody can check in an instant that the rhetoric is not fit for purpose.

For example if we take the known deaths in just London alone which currently stand at 4300 fatalities, that should be noted is an inflated and incorrect number anyway because of the reclassification of death from Covid-19 now. Dying with Coronavirus in your body now has become the primary reason for causation of death. Any and all other known factors and previous illnesses are now being ignored in favour of a Covid label. This is fraud.

So,  4300 deaths in London so far, which has a population of 8.9million people.

Calculating the percentage of these two numbers gives a value of 0.048%.

If you live in London the chances of dying even in the rigged numbers being widely promoted you have a less than 0.5% chance of death. Even if the fatalities doubled and increased dramatically which they won’t, your chances of death are still less than 1%.

If we now factor in the entire population of the UK which is 66,435,600 people by the total number of deaths nationwide which is 18,738 you end up with a figure of

0.028% chance of dying from Coronavirus.

We know the numbers are misleading and the representation of the facts are being falsified, from this we can only deduce that the risk of death is even less than the shockingly low numbers quoted above which we can all check.

Somebody please tell me I am wrong.

The shutdown is unconstitutional and the isolation measures in place is the real crisis that will have a longer lasting affect on societies minds, pockets and ability to move unrestricted. Non compliance and civil disobedience based on the evidence could be a combative response to a growing tyrannical government. We need to be aware the true threat toward our collective future is the Establishment, it has always been this way and it is not fit for purpose.

We have been warned for years that one day tyranny will arrive overtly on our shores, we neither wanted to entertain such notions or possibilities could ever happen in our apparently once free society. It does not have to be this way. Yet if we don’t wake up, this event will be dragged out like the word Brexit which has now disappeared from society.

Population Estimates

Percentage Calculator

Covid-19 UK Map

we are living through a Lock-down of society and the fabric of our once relatively free lives has changed in an instant. From my experience it seems people are connecting with each other on a new level of consciousness rising from the ashes of the old world. whilst still so many are caught up in the hysteria of media spin and exaggeration at the hands of institutional errors, there exists a justifiable scepticism about the handling of this Coronavirus within societies.

Many now are asking questions about the action of government and whether the threat is real enough to justify the true damage to peoples lives and mental health. Actively and with much public support the government is rapidly succeeding at destroying the economy and livelihoods with our own money as there is no such thing as government money. If any level of normality returns after this Pandemic of sorts assisted by the few, we will pay it all back and more, all for a low impact epidemiological event.

Unfortunately we are all funding and witnessing one of the most unnecessary ruinous event that humans have witnessed in recorded history. Mental health problems and economic draining will be with us long after the virus itself yields to the changing warming seasons in the Northern hemisphere. We need to understand the facts and discard the false narrative from memory being widely promoted by government today. The conclusions and justification of a widespread lock-down and 2 metre social distancing rules from governments around the world are deeply alarming for those that understand the implications this act of global control will have in scarring the minds of humanity. London government incorporated has allowed a heavy laden train leave the station, assisting it with a green lights all the way policy while having the audacity to play games with our lives without scrutiny and rational motivation, excluding people with an actual spine capable of critical thinking and applying the brakes based on the evidence and historical context of epidemics.

Its interesting how times like these make people statisticians obsessed with numbers, unfortunately the obsession is mostly heavily programmed into society by only promoting figures that support the narrative and not reality. We all need to take responsibility and actively seek a historical context with which to compare the numbers to. Without this the numbers being reported seem alarming, they are not. The 2009 Swine Flu outbreak infected up to 1.4billion people yet resulted in 284,000 deaths approx.

This supposedly high number to the untrained mind is still within the standard figures of annual seasonal flu deaths globally of between 290,000- 500,000+..

Swine Flu was only 10 years ago and most people were oblivious to such an event. And now it is being agreed, implemented and supported by folk in fear that we should combat Coronavirus by inflicting more suffering than the virus itself presents.

The rapid rate of conformity in society over this matter is painful to watch for those that can read between the lines and are not in the same place of fear as those in the grip of Mainstream exaggeration. In a flash we have been taught to fear each other and heighten our sense of suspicion toward those not following the script, the curious minds of human beings is overtly being eradicated in favour of a script born of hysteria.

The alleged high mortality rates we have been seeing promoted around the globe have been fudged from the start,  determining a mortality percentage upon an entire nation whilst excluding or not accounting for the cases that are not being reported is mis-leading, this creates an incorrect input from the start.  with individuals that are only seeing mild symptoms and recovering outside of healthcare. This is why the irresponsible numbers that came from Italy early, were way off and aided the panic around its European neighbours.

Professor Walter Ricciardi advisor to Italy’s health minister has since stated that:

only 12 per cent of death certificates have shown a direct causality from coronavirus”

Knowing this now brings an alarming 10% mortality rate down to just over 1%.

The incompetence and handling of this event across the world should be a vivid wake up call for us all in recognising the failure of a capitalist system that has been decaying for years whilst stealing our rights, freedom, civil liberties, the sovereign right to free speech and freedom of movement.

The septic foot of government is crushing us all with mis-information and a fear program that is almost admirable for its execution without protest from its citizens. Numbers have no meaning without the knowledge of the past which is well documented and available to us for investigation . And yet it is this very symptom of amnesia within society that has forgotten even the last 5 years that allows government to overthrow our natural capacity for rational and critical thought.

The chart below available online from Public health for England clearly shows that Coronavirus is still currently within normal numbers of deaths.

Also we must see how the exaggeration of deaths within the UK currently are media spin following a pre conceived incorrect narrative from the script writers. There is little active journalism in the mainstream any more, merely script printers incapable of questioning the validity of a story especially ones that arise in government. There is no conspiracy, only collusion through fear and wilful ignorance.

Those few remaining integrity rich journalists are seldom given an equal platform to question and hold accountable the actions of government. Power has the platform and its technique for propaganda is second to none. John Pilger is one such journalist that has much to say about this event.   His recent film “ The dirty war on the NHS” should be watched to understand how the last 10 years of government under funding and dismantling of the British healthcare system is an act of greedy criminality. Billions are being siphoned out of the National health service which have been green lighted by the same government that now wants us all to praise and clap the NHS from our doorsteps while their hypocrisy remains unseen through our collective ignorance and long held emotional connection toward the NHS. You have to admire the campaign as it evokes the natural desire to be a part of something in humanity and identify with each other in support of a service that still saves many lives. This is the hook that has paralysed our ability to question and has enabled the emotional manipulation of society to just go along with the ruse in favour of saving a public service that government has been demolishing for years.

As citizens of an alleged superior democratic system we are never given an option sometimes just the illusion and are frequently dictated too by government as we have been this year in full view of the entire nation. For some reason we have been taught to have a toddler/parent relationship with external governance that is highly visible now more than ever. Which is fine when your a toddler, but we are now all adults and we do not need a nanny state to tell us how to think..Apparently there was no other course of action that could have been employed tackling Coronavirus , allegedly…

Exposure for the young and fit creates a natural immune response within the body, it enables the complex biology of the human form to re programme itself in response to this new threat so that it may learn to defend against and provide immunity for future infection. It has been this way every winter seasonal period since before this year. Think about that.

Look at the numbers!

Government sponsored adverts for the NHS are wholly mis-leading to and are striking fear into the hearts of the masses. With tags like “ Covid-19 is life threatening to all” is categorically incorrect considering what we already know. It’s not. We already know that the average age of those that have died in this event in most countries is over 80 years old, with approximately 1% having no previous and known illnesses prior. You also have to factor in the mis association of Covid-19 on death certificates as well, dying with Coronavirus is the not the same as dying from coronavirus. A study published in Nature medicine on 19th March 2020 claimed that the overall lethality of Covid-19 was far lower than previously expected by WHO. Surprise, surprise.

Interestingly Doctors in America received coaching on how to fill out death certificates from the department of Health. According to State congressman Dr Scott Jensen who gave an interview of the oddity stated:

you do NOT have to have a confirmed laboratory test for Covid-19 in order to make the death certificate be Covid-19.”

going on further to state:

Well, fear is a good way to control people. Sometimes people’s ability to think for themselves is paralyzed if they’re frightened enough.”

The side effects of this popular novel pathogen on society and the associated fall out from its blurred recognition in the minds of humanity is having a potentially devastating affect for everybody, the paradigm has shifted and we are in a new era of control. My local beach has had its path shut down with police tape and includes the absurd addition of 24hr private security firms paid for by council Tax contributors. Is this really necessary? Where is the threat?

Parents being overtly anxious toward children straying from their illusionary 2 metre bubble is a growing scene I am witnessing daily. Children know this is insane and yet we scold them for non conformity, how easy the generational fear programme has become.

I wrote to Amnesty International UK to see what this organisation was doing on behalf of us and to see if their platform may have some might in changing or at least challenging the current lock down based on evidence.

Unfortunately for us all the bamboozle is widespread and has infiltrated the very organisations that are supposed to protect our freedom.  The statement that stood out the most  in their reply was that “ the burden lay with government”. They went on further to praise the introduction of a sunset clause, a clause requiring a review in 6 months time of the appalling Coronavirus Emergency powers Bill.

Thanks AI UK you’ve really fought our corner!

Nobody is regulating the regulators.

It is important for us to see the darkness that lurks behind heavily promoted narratives, in doing so we remove the fear programming and aid in the leap of consciousness that is growing rapidly within societies. Although we all feel the heavy clouds of today that loom over each of us we must recognise that at the very least some of us have now been awarded a time to reflect. I have heard incredible stories of innovation and creativity from folk that are now standing back and assessing their lifestyles and wondering whether that old world was the right way for them to be living the way they did. A greater shift in thinking, adapting, connecting and innovating is quietly growing behind the noise that we have allowed to pollute our minds. Pockets of positive movement within communities is occurring and is primarily about taking responsibility. Taking on the responsibility individually naturally evokes a collective response, many folk are learning again how to grow food and help to create some form of resilience. This could be a fascinating network of communities becoming less dependent on the fragile food system we are currently in. Out of the gloom new skills are being acquired and professionals are offering services to those willing to engage or trade for a trade, this builds relationships that will become valuable in the future. An artist told me once ” that you have to trust people to make them trustworthy” Trust in each other is what is needed here, not suspicion as this will lead to a dystopian nightmare. Trust in communities to be stronger and to share knowledge that has local benefits to all involved is the future. This centralised charade we have grown up with has limited benefit to society, it protects its own and has a high disregard for the rest that only becomes visible when we are consciously practicing critical thought, question everything. Its now up to us to be the regulators as no institute wants that responsibility it is our inalienable right to hold accountable those who hide behind power.

We should not stand by and watch the erosion of our freedoms, we should protest and share knowledge with each other in the pursuit of truth and the scrutiny of political will….If we get the chance again to gain a deeper understanding of how reality is and avert manipulation from the state, we will all see for ourselves that fear is a liar.

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The effect and current global hysteria surrounding the Covid-19 outbreak is far worse than the virus itself. It’s timely recognition as a global threat is the narrative that has been adopted to cover up the existing decline in global food production, the enormity of crop losses on all continents and a new game of exquisitely engineered social conditioning . When you look at the numbers globally it is clear that in comparison to previous years of influenza outbreaks that this event should neither stand out or sanction the restrictions facing many nations today. To further understand this current issue that is affecting a greater proportion of lives than the virus threatens in reality, a level of context needs to be taken into account.

We should know that during the 2017/2018 winter there was in the UK, according to the governments own website an excess of winter deaths estimated at 50,000 people. One of the highest peaks dating back to 1975. Over 26,000 deaths that year were associated with Influenza. The 2014/2015 deaths were even higher at over 28,000 attributed to the flu. In all years the most vulnerable are those aged 65 and over. This is a natural cycle that happens every year, peaking in February to late March. There are swings and variations from year to year with some years experiencing far less than quoted above. My point is high death numbers are nothing out of the ordinary and by the CDC’s own admission back in 2017 between 291,000 and 646,000 people die globally from Flu and related respiratory problems. According to the
European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control as of March 27th 2020 the total deaths attributable to Covid-19 stands at 23,672. Whilst any death is a tragedy, the numbers currently are well within the winter norm that for previous years those that lost lives went entirely unnoticed by society outside of the affected families.

Where was the lock-down in these previous years to prevent spread? And why is a Coronavirus strain a globally recognised threat now?

Coronavirus is nothing new, 6 different strains of coronavirus make up between 5-14% of all common colds. The current testing method employed uses RT-PCR which replicates RNA to create a positive or negative result. Interestingly this method is only 60-70% accurate, the health industry would normally only prefer to use a test upward of 95% accurate. So as we can see there is a large gap in efficient and correct diagnosis going on, with a 30% chance of a negative over positive result, this is the level of technological ineptitude we are at today.

Coronavirus is not a threat if you are fit and healthy, this statement is not only backed up by the demographic being affected worldwide and the people who have recovered from the virus but also through the Rhesus Monkey test that was performed. In short, Monkeys tested were infected with Covid-19. After 28 days they were re infected, yet had built enough anti bodies to withstand a positive test result. Meaning the fit and healthy people in societies need to be exposing themselves to this virus so our immune systems can create the required response, build the anti bodies and make us immune to further infection. Being locked up away from each other and accepting the totalitarian notion of a new phrase like “social distancing” will have a detrimental affect come next winter.

What we are witnessing in reality is the hi-jacking of a Northern Hemisphere winter trend to facilitate one of the greatest social conditioning programs since WW1. From the initial stages of hype thanks to certain virologists and the Imperial college of London modelling a scenario of 500,000 deaths in the UK if nothing is done that are so absurdly carried away with the notion not the facts has landed us all in this new epoch of high level conformity and suspicion without protest or question. The same tactics employed again in an ever more slick campaign using an unwarranted threat to scare the nation through traumatic events and now carrying out large scale “simple simon says” games. Through all the hype that led politicians and the government to act like they have, we are now being told that the likely death rate from this virus will be in the region of 20,000 people in the UK.

Which as we have seen from above is still 8000 under the 2014/2015 totals associated with flu.

This needs to be pointed out so that we can see that out of the standard variation of winter flu and respiratory deaths, nothing is out of the ordinary and is far from a true Pandemic level, which was actually declassified as such on the governments own website as of 19th March 2020. Did the BBC mention this?

Recognising that less than 1% of fatalities is affecting the healthy population should at the very least curtail the unnecessary anxiety levels seen within the public domain since this non Pandemic has been forced upon the inhabitants of this world. This program stinks and the numbers don’t add up to warrant the level of panic which is the true contagion right now, you neither need to be a mathematician or hold a PhD to read between the lines. Intelligence has nothing to do with conscious awareness, I and many others have faced a barrage of condemnation over the years from those that like to consider themselves intelligent yet fail to allow themselves the capacity of seeing without the fear triggers hidden within the language of mainstream media. The misrepresentation of the Covid-19 strain is identifiably more damaging than the virus itself. The BBC is misleading folk using words like “ disease” , “ War”, and “ Frontline” that successfully trigger in the sub conscious minds of a society the descriptive words of past fear, a fear that is neither valid or useful yet serves a specific purpose to enact further reaching restriction of movement, a tool to initiate widespread cashless societies and damage control to the existing decline in global food production.

The historical global events 3 years prior and leading up to countries now locking down their citizens needs to be understood if we are to avert Soylent Green societies. The internal attack on all our human rights and civil liberties is a wake up call for society to recognise it as such. Global crop production has declined rapidly and continues to do so at a rate not seen in modern history and we are now experiencing losses and wild swings in weather that correlate with experiences documented in the “ Maunder and Dalton Minimums” which have almost been forgotten and dissolved from living memory.

Changes in the Sun’s Solar cycles are affecting regional weather patterns that are extreme in all variations to us because we have been led to believe the Earth should be consistently stable just for our benefit. The stable growing conditions that has led society to expand so rapidly in the last two centuries has surpassed it’s peak and is now collapsing spectacularly, the Covid-19 non pandemic is adding insult to injury whilst obfuscating the truth behind food shortages. The hysteria in the public’s mind is born out of fear and the run on supermarket produce will potentially be one of the explanations to lay blame on already existing global food losses prior to the panic. We need to get together and start food growing collectives in all available spaces and counties nationwide. The collapse of the global food supply was always inevitable as its foundations are built on stable distribution lines, when one chain breaks down like Chinese exportation has, then the fragility of how we live will show its true unsustainable colours, as it is right now if you are looking.

Farmers were already struggling on all continents due to an ever changing climate and perhaps the best way to insulate ourselves from this is to take out the middle man and go direct to farms offering help in return for food.

Above all Covid-19 is a perfect distraction subject that even sounds like a WW2 operation to me, hence the title. The threat of fear is almost always enough to fool a populace. Since the 1950’s trust within society has diminished to an all time low. Now thanks to the toddlers with tommy guns we are in a new era of suspicion toward each other, families, friends and neighbours. People crossing the road to avoid close contact, looking in suspicion at their fellow human. All of which under the disguise of “ Save the Nhs” and “ Save lives” which is laughably insane considering those instigating this idea were paramount in dismantling the NHS in favour of privatisation. Yet we are all emotionally connected to these ideas laid out for us, it is this emotional connection that is childs play for systems to hi-jack and to push ideology into citizens minds without protest. “ Its for the collective good don’t you know” ,

Now everyone has become an informant with nowhere to hide should you have a normal seasonal cough out in public. The absurdity of it all should be on a far higher proportion of minds and yet so many have rolled over in fear, given up their right to be a human being and morphed into sheep hiding in their pens waiting for the Shepherds next command. To be even critical of the narrative as I am in this article will in the future land me and others an Orwellian sentence which legislative motions are now escalating in order to silence all dissidents of the state under the fake news umbrella of government damage control.

We have all been duped, know this. Don’t believe me, carry out your own due diligence and look at the numbers.

This is the biggest wake up call for all of us, if your complicit with staying asleep then please don’t complain when the shackles are around your own ankles, for real.


Listen below to educated professionals that can see through the absurd narrative being promoted worldwide..All the information below should be considered before reaching a conclusion about this Event..



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